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  1. Seeking experienced partner for an alpine climb or two, preferably in fast and light style. My days are somewhat flexible within the late May–early June window and *not* limited to weekends. Possible routes: Liberty Ridge, Baker N. Ridge or Coleman Headwall, Shuksan NF, Stuart Glacier Couloir, etc. Lead WI4+, 5.9+ trad. Over 10 years experience on long ice and rock, steep snow, alpine, and a little BC skiing. Let's start some conversations and then see how the weather and conditions shake out. -Justin PM, email, or call. j.rolfe.redding@gmail.com 503-261-3349
  2. Looking to hit Hyalite Canyon, Ouray ice park and nearby wild ice, or Canadian Rockies) for ice cragging/multipitch (and alpine depending on conditions). Will be free after January 4th, with a great degree of flexibility on dates. Lead WI4+, 5.9 trad. Over 10 years experience of ice, rock, and alpine. PM, email, or call. j.rolfe.redding@gmail.com 503-261-3349 -Justin
  3. Selling a pair of virtually-new Trango Raptor ice tools. They have only seen one weekend of ice climbing (no dry tooling or mixed use). Pick coating has slight scratches, and little bit of rubber on upper pommel of one tool is scratched, but otherwise new. Come with everything from the store: boxes, pick guards, and hexe wrenches. This is an excellent tool (I just have too many!) that has been compared favorably to the Petzl Nomic and Black Diamond Fusion, but at a fraction of the price. See the thorough review by Dane of Cold Thistle here: http://coldthistle.blogspot.com/2013/01/trango-raptor-ice-tool.html Stock image provided. Pictures of these particular tools coming soon. On the East Coast right now. Free shipping to the lower 48.
  4. For sure, Sunday is gonna be the money day. I'll have to pass on resort skiing tomorrow, but have a great time.
  5. I'm certainly skeptical, too, especially after this week's temps. But, yeah, it started getting cold up there yesterday afternoon and I'm hoping by Friday things will be shaping up. IMO, alpine ice (in this case, frozen up rain soaked snow) "sets" more quickly this way than waterfall ice, which takes more time to build up, so I'm optimistic. Obviously, Sunday would be the best day for ice conditions this week, but that's not an option for me schedule-wise. Bramski, you interested in giving it a go?
  6. I've got the day available tomorrow (but have to be in Seattle in the evening), so if conditions look good would be up for a shortish alpine jaunt. I was thinking Chair Peak.
  7. I might be interested, though avy conditions may remain problematic. I'm only free on Sat, so that doesn't mesh well with Matt's schedule. I've got a decent amount of rock, ice, and alpine experience. I'm traveling through Seattle at the moment, and I've left my screws and avy gear back East, which could be an issue for me. I was thinking maybe Baker N. ridge, or Colfax peak N. Face.
  8. Dave, I share your motivations—I want ice, ice!—but I think current WA conditions are gonna make that pretty unfeasible this week. Even the Tooth approach on Weds is gonna suffer from significant avy danger, IMHO. I'd love to jet out to Hyalite for a few days. I think that's the best ice chance we've got.
  9. Might be interested, but can't guarantee it yet. Would want to be ice climbing. Lead WI3. Have all the gear except left my screw set back east.
  10. I'm rolling into Seattle on New Year's eve and staring at 7+ days of forecast mountain sunshine in the Cascades in January. Helluva way to start a new year. I'm down for anything, and will be totally free through Monday, Jan. 7th. I've got winter camping and climbing experience, lead WI3, rock 5.9. I forgot my screws back East, but otherwise am geared up for anything. Except bc skiing. But I'll try to finagle a setup if need be. Some climbs I'm thinking about: Shuksan NF, Stuart Glacier Couloir, Wine Spires, Cutthroat, Hood NF, etc. -Justin 206-552-9480 (cell)
  11. Glad others are looking to line something up during this great weather window. I'm free that whole time. DS—All your objectives sound great by me. Was also thinking something in the Wine Spires, or that ice gully on Cuthtroat, or Shuksan NF. I've got winter camping and climbing experience, lead WI3, 5.9. I'll PM you. -Justin 206-552-9480 (cell)
  12. I'd be interested. Preferably, alpine, so Wash. Pass, etc. Lead low 10's cragging, .9s on longer routes. Have all needed gear, too. In Seattle. Call/text best: 206-552-9480 or 503-261-3349
  13. Seeking experienced partner for an alpine climb or two in the North Cascades now through early August. A romp up Baker, an overnighter to Dome, the Torment-Forbidden Traverse... Technical rock (to 5.9, 5.10), steep snow, glacier travel all sound tasty. Me: 30 years old, been climbing in the mountains for 10 years. Up for leading 5.8/9 in the backcountry. Stoked to haul pack long and hard. My background includes climbing in the Sierra, Cascades, and Rockies, everything from volcanoes (Rainier, etc.), to extensive multipitch trad leading and simuling (lead up to 5.10; routes like Outer Space, Breakfast of Champions); bigwalls in Yosemite; ice climbing (lead to WI3-4); alpine rock (N. ridge of Stuart, etc.), steep snow (N. Face of Buckner, etc.). I'd be looking for a partner with a comparable background. Maybe a day of cragging to get to know each other before we tackle something more committing. PM me or feel free to call/text: 206-552-9480. If that doesn't work, please try 503-261-3349. -Justin
  14. Will be free next Monday and Tuesday, if conditions are good. Also available this week during our weather window if anyone wants to get out Weds/Thurs. Best to call/text.
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