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  1. Found Climber's Guide book

    Found Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains book today in the Buckhorn Wilderness. Let me know if it is yours and where you left it and I will mail it to you.
  2. Missing Hikers Found?

    According to the park service morning report they made it out ok. Link
  3. Pics from saturday

    I have not been up Mt. Washington for years but we went up there on Washington's birthday many many years ago. It looks like it was beautiful up there. I don't know which one is my favorite but I like Mt. Buckhorn. It is mostly a hike but there some good views. I like Moose Peak also and it is really a hike but the views on a nice day are outstanding.
  4. Pics from saturday

    Nice pictures. I give up. Where were they taken?
  5. That looks like fun. Thanks for the trip report and pictures.
  6. Chet Ullin

    I just ran across this. I did not really know Chet Ullin but I did talk to him a couple of times. Ira Spring has a little information about him in his book "An Ice Axe, A Camera and A Jar of Peanut Butter". At one time there was a Boy Scout Camp at Lower Lena Lake called Camp Cleland and Chet was on the staff there when the Spring brothers attended the camp. It is on page 23 and 24 in the book. Also I have read or heard that Chet had something to do with building the Great Stone Arrow at the saddle above Hagen Lakes on the ridge that runs from Mt. Hopper to Mt. Stone. I thought Ira might talk about it in his book but I cannot find it. Wood might mention it in his trail guide. I will have to check.
  7. RIP David Pinegar

    Here is a link to David's trip report on Mt. Baker that John referred to. RIP David
  8. Olympics guidebook now online

    Are you talking about the print version or the online version of the guide? This quote is from the Olympic Mountain Rescue website.
  9. That looked like fun. Let me know if you need more canisters as I have a few around here I need to get rid of. The ones I have are Primus cannisters and I didn't see any of those in the video.
  10. Summit Trail Runs in the Olympics

    I was just on a hike on the North Fork of the Skokomish River and it seems to me like a good trail run would be to run up the North Fork of the Skokomish River to First Divide then to Home Sweet Home to the Upper Duckabush and out the Duckabush River Trail. It could be done either direction.
  11. New post

    No one is talking about a new road except you. What we are talking about is repairing a road that has been there since at least the 1930's. I think people should be able to have access to their National Park.
  12. New post

    I believe Upper Lena Lake, Mt. Stone and Lake of the Angels are in Olympic National Park. Mt. Townsend is in the Buckhorn Wilderness of Olympic National Forest. I will be glad when they repair the Dosewallips River Road so it will be possible to drive to Muscott Flat again. I think you are right that not many have accessed Queets Basin by hiking up the Queets River but here is a link to a report by someone that did it. Link It sounds like quite the adventure and there is nothing stupid about it.
  13. Wow, nice report and pictures. There was a plane crash in that area in 1975. Link
  14. Olympics Loops - Labor Day Weekend ideas?

    Here is a trip that looks like it would be a lot of fun but it might be better when there is still some snow around. Link There is a bridge out on the lower Gray Wolf River Trail. I don't know how easy it is to ford and there may be a log or you could start at Slab Camp.
  15. Need some help locating a picture.

    Take a look at this Pargeter Map. It shows the peaks and names them. It might be just what your Grandma is looking for. Hope this helps.