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  1. FOUND ice ax on Granite Pk

    Ancient REI one, found near the wilderness boundary. It has a name on it. Tell me the name and it is yours!
  2. elwha update

    How accurate/up to date would you say the Oly Climbing Guide route descriptions are? I have been meaning to get up there to check it out some time.
  3. Pics from saturday

    Glad to see the Olympics getting some action! How far could you drive up the road?
  4. Mt Baker sunset framed by a window in the Lookout Mountain Lookout. July 2012
  5. Lane peak?

    I did the zipper around christmas a couple years back and wouldnt do it any earlier. With the amount of snow falling right now, it may get good in the next couple weeks if it all consolidates.
  6. Sierra Designs Bivy?

    I have seen the rei minimalist bivy and it seems to be pretty much the same thing except it costs more and lacks a face cover (probably not a huge deal). The army surplus bivys are intriguing, but kind of bulky. I have found directions for re-sewing them to be a better fit, which I may try.
  7. Sierra Designs Bivy?

    Any thoughts on the Sierra Designs Baffin bivy? The price is excellent, but does anyone have experience with the quality? Such a low price is kind of making me nervous... I am looking for a bivy to be used with a light tarp if wet weather or alone if the forecast is good.
  8. Mountain recommendations for newbies

    +1 for Adams. If you are ok with driving to the Olympics, Mt Ellinor, Washington, and The Brothers are all fun and moderate climbs. Just bring a helmet for the choss!
  9. Tarp suggestions

    I have logged somewhere around 20 nights around the PNW in the past couple winters under one of those cheap blue tarps from the Home Depot. It works fine for me, but one of those nice silnylon tarps would be a lot more packable. Maybe try one while you decide which nicer one is best to blow the big bucks on...
  10. Is my ice axe too short?

    Looks like a fine length to me... but I do have a 70 cm ax, with a leash, and I wear gaiters, which means I must be pretty outdated...
  11. Muscott Basin Access

    Thanks for the info! Have you tried the old trail up to Muscott basin? It has been on my to-do list for some time.
  12. Royal Basin Ski

    Cruel of you to post this to torment me right before my final exam week...
  13. Washington/Ellinor Road Conditions??

    looks like the lower trailhead pullout. That bend usually holds snow pretty late in the spring
  14. Totally Cheating

    probably not really cheating for the recreational climber, but I would find it kind of sketch for competition climbing. I dont think the advantage will be that great and it might actually be worse in some situations due to the decreased surface area contacting the rock...
  15. Muir on Sunday

    I was up on sunday and saw the guy with a kite at around 7500 ft. He seemed to be having trouble launching it, probably due to downdrafts around terrain features... It didnt look like he ever got any runs in.