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  1. Digital Camera Recommendations?

    I have a nikon FM 2 as my 35mm camera (that's real film, and nothing will ever compare, sorry) and I also have a really fun digi Sony DSC-S75 I bought in Hong Kong. The digi has all the manual control that the film camera has and the little movie thingy too. Useless, but fun. I did the usual comparing, since they do have everything electronic there on the street for cheep, and found it to be the only one that had a resonable power supply, an 7.2v Li-ion and looked like it was going to be able to take a tumble. I figure it's a good camera since I've had it for a year and I can break anything. I think I should test watches. It's really easy programing, easy to use and most of all, like mentioned, Zeiss Glass. For the info, you can have high res but if you don't have good glass it's not going to make a bit of difference, it'll still be muddy and grainy. Zeiss, zee Germans, is a few companies that makes high grade motion picture lenses, Panavision being another one, but who cares about them, you can't buy'em. Yeah, and the russians, as well as Cookes, but they only fit on the big motion cameras... I digress. I agree with the memory thing though, get more then you think, you'll use it all and then some. Seems like there is never enough of that stuff to go around, even with the real thing
  2. What did you do last weekend?

    Simu-climbed banana peal in 25 min on Sat. No one was on the Apron, then had dinner and got a bit pissed for the hike up the back side of the chief at 11 pm. Got to the top to yell at the wolves, or like one, depending on your interpretetion and drank some whisky. Good times. 5 humans and one dog on the middle summit in the middle of the night. Great stumble down by 3, but non the less a really good time.
  3. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    so where exactly is the beer tonight? It seems undecided.
  4. The Perfect Vehicle???

    I have an '89 toyota truck 4x4. I found it from the original owner with lot's of records on the work done. They need to be loved not abused. It had lot's of miles on it, 222000miles but it was from Nevada and most of them where Highway miles (makes a difference, the wear less on the engin and trans). Alittle rust in the bed (replaceable) with a canopy. It was offered for $2600 and I got it for $2000. This was back in Jan of this year. No extra cab, that will run you an extra $2000, just to think about it. But the payoff is you can park it in town. They go faster then snot, when offered. But an '89 that looks mint has been worked on, for sure. Most people that own them love to use then for mud machines, that's really hard on the engin and the trany. Find out about the use, a little more about the history and you'll know if you are being taken. If any car sits for awhile it's going to have problems with the hydrolics (the little ribber seals just wear out if you don't use them), that means that the breaks are going to be shot and if it's a fuel injection that would be risky too. I'd be suspicious about the amout of time it sat around... Some one said that the head has problems in that year, 'tis true. Get a mechanic to check it out. A buyers inspection, they'll tell you the issues... buy safe, good luck they are great trucks...
  5. Stick death

    try www.hackernetwork.com look under the flash movies... The've been there for years.
  6. Climber Dog's

    Lamby, Saw you the other day and my advice is that your doggie hang out with my doggie, they pick up good habits that way. That is if you think that my doggie is cool and all. The sooner you get them on off leash duty the better, but this is a matter of trust. You both have to learn to trust each other. Yeah, doggies can tell if you don't trust them. Cars suck, I don't think there is an easy way to teach them about the dangers of them moving hunks of metal, but it's a nicesity. I'll give you no advice, everyone I tell my philosophy on that one hates me, but it works. The key is to teach the doggie slowly to watch your ass, 'cause that's thier job, not to keep a constent eye on them. That just takes time. And remember there are no bad dogs just bad owners.
  7. Stoopid things done in youth

    I think that we've all been part of the mailbox base ball game at one point or another, be it on the reciving end or the batting end. I played it in a stolen car (my good friends parents 280zx) and manged to break the back window with the kick back from the bat. Drivng to fast and getting tired from hitting all them mailboxes'll do that for you. But the best game with bottle rockets was destroy the pine needle fort with'em. Three people per team about 25ft apart you have to build a pine needle fort, quickly. The other team gets to shoot you while you build but remeber they are building too. Then the idea is to burn down the other teams fort. Yeah, you're in the fort. You have little fires all the time, so two of you are shooting the other fort while one of you it trying to make sure the fort doesn't burn down. You get hit by alot of bottle rockets that way and you also get good at aiming them out of your hand. We played that one alot. I'm amazed I didn't blow my hand off. Much more but they involve the maddness of living in Colombia.
  8. We're going to smith this weekend and we're a triple. If there is anyone thinking about going that might not because they don't have a partner, well, think again. Just look for two crazy curly haired irish men and one clombian (no need to tell you we're crazy that's common knowladge). A white toyota pickup, a blazer and two rather insane dogs, but they are hella cool. Well be there 'till monday night from the Seattle area. Be cool to have an extra person.
  9. Smith

    Check your PM, I might be interested...
  10. Failing Cams

    Unless you have two cams per biner on your rack. Then the next best option is to make the slings into little draws by putting two biners on them. You take one biner and put it through the other then clip any two parts of the sling. To make it long again you drop any two. You can use it either way, short or long. But you need lots and lots of biners for that, but who doesn't need lots and lots of biners, they're sexy.
  11. Worst Partner you ever climbed with

    silly men, little do you know...
  12. What You Know Now

    daisy chains... I guess that one of the great trix that I've learned is to use a daisy chain attached to your harness with two locking biners to anchor off. That way you're attached to two separate parts of your anchor if it fails. Not something I read in a book but just something some one tought me. I find that the more people you climb with the more trix you learn.
  13. PUB CLUB 10/1

    1st wed of the month at Teddy's is vintege bike night...
  14. Yeah , right !

    Get an indiglo watch
  15. squamish this weekend

    The Ultimate Everything is hella cool. Long day of climbing though. Tried it w/ snake to memorial crack as the intro, good 17 pitches. It was fun and the weather has been awsome.