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  1. partner(s) wanted for peru/bolivia this summer

    This request of yours come just in the right time.I was just fantasizing about going to South America this summer myself. Give me a buzz at donsemaca@attbi.com and we can chat more in there about your plan.But mainly i am interested in going. Chris
  2. Sperry or Pyramid or ...? Feb 8, 9

    I was thinking about something with some ice on it.But i definitely want to go out this weekend.I will go tomorrow and have a look at Big Four.Call me at 425 922 4379. Chris
  3. Winter Partner

    I am looking to find a climbing partner for this winter season -mostly alpine-. Anybody out there interested? I can mostly go climbing during weekends.
  4. Climbing partner wanted

    Besides all this verbal ping-pong , is there anybody climbing around here ? If anybody is interested in partnering up and trying to form a team , please let me know. I am from Eastern Europe , no shiny SUV , drink vodka like women and thin air. I am planning to go for Aconcaqua this winter and would like to find some partners. Reply if you are serious...please don't send me all that. .."spoiled american kid" rubbish nonsense talk.With me you either climb or you don't.
  5. Yeah , right !

    Too much talking here and not much climbing.
  6. I would like to hook up with somebody to form a duo and do some climbs around here. Interested?