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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll post back when I do the traverse--looks like fun.
  2. Ahh, that sounds like what I was thinking about. That makes sense not including kaleetan. I'm assuming the whole thing is just a scramble--did you take any gear? For Guye did you go up the normal route from alpental and then backtrack to head up snoqualmie or did you start somewhere else? The cliff between Red and Kendall looks like the crux. Do you think its better to go that way versus the other way and downclimb the cliff versus climb up it? Did you go up Kendall's ridge or do the normal class II scramble route? Also now that I know this is called the commonwealth traverse found this previous thread describing it in very little detail: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/846555/TR_guye_snoqualmie_lundin_red_#Post846555 Thanks!
  3. I believe I saw in the Lundin summit register years ago someone had linked up Red, Snoqualmie, Kaleteen, and Lundin. Anyone have any beta on it--particularly if it can be done from Kendall Catwalk? Times?
  4. Cleaning out the ski closet, want to get rid of these so I can pick up some new touring skis this year. $250--Jak BC 170s with 7tm Tour active bindings. Skis have a large number of days on them but would be good for someone starting out. Bindings have lots of life in them. $100--G3 Targa's lightly used $70 -- new Volie classic cable $150--Scarpa T2X Mondo 28.0 used but still have lots of life left $200--BD Methods Mondo 26.5 barely used < 10 days I'll work in a discount if you want multiple items. I live in Bellevue and would prefer not to have to ship these. If you any of the boots/bindings shipped I'll add on the UPS fees. I'm not going to bother shipping the Skis so local only on that. PM me for questions or if you want any of the items. I'll update the listing as things sell.
  5. Maybe folks are ready to get ready for winter. Moving these down to $200 or best offer.
  6. Looking for a pair of used rock shoes for my 5 year old. Shoot me a PM if you have any to offload.
  7. Bumping, would really like to get rid of these.
  8. Ski season it upon us. Would like to sell these boots $300 OBO.
  9. Pack is sold, bumping to get the boots out of here!
  10. These have all been lightly used as they never really worked for me. Pack was too big for what I usually do and boots never worked for my low volume feet. Pack: $150, Boots $300 would prefer to have them picked up (I live in Bellevue) but would consider shipping if you paid the cost. Thanks Scott
  11. Ok, saw the post for the s. side over in the n. cascades forum. Looks like 6 patchy miles. If anyone is up there this weekend and can provide and update it would be apprecited. Can mods move this to n. cascades? thanks
  12. Has anyone been up there lateley and know how far the walk is due to snow up to the trailhead? Tried the ranger station but got the voice mail. thanks Scott
  13. There was instructions and and pics in the crossfit journal about 3 or 4 years ago and I think the article was written by Twight. In a 5 second search on journal.crossfit.com I couldn't find it but I know thats where we got the instructions to build ours. Of course that photo will probably be copywrighted but you could probably easily find the owner and get permission. I think jdclimber on this site built it at crossfit North so maybe pm him and he may have taken pictures.
  14. Driving home up HW9 yesterday 3 fingers looked nice and covered, today I was driving home and about 1/3 of the mountain looked like exposed rock. These aren't scientific observations as I just stare at that during the drive every day and many days could have just blended together but was wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing. Just wondering if this avy cycle could be that profound.
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