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  1. Bozeman next Weds 2/13

    Copy on the access - seems to be what I've found as well. Snowmachines would be the way, I'm sure. Can't remember if there's other more easily accessed ice in town, but I certainly will be skiing anyway, just gotta figure out what gear 'cause I broke my Fritschi's last weekend!
  2. Bozeman next Weds 2/13

    I'll be in the Bozone next week with Tues-Thurs available, Weds would probably work best. Interested in ice partners - comfortable WI5 leader, though I've only been skiing this winter . Familiar with Hyalite. Skiing the other days if interested. olsented at Gmail
  3. Ice Climbing Stoke Thread

    probably why you started mixed climbing more in CO!
  4. Ice Climbing Stoke Thread

    Stoked to get soaked under some drips again, Nate?
  5. We're thinking the missing raft valve is at the Goodell Creek Campground (mi. 119) - had a blowout for my birthday a couple weekends ago. If anyone from the Seattle area is driving by and finds this little critter, I'd be more than happy to meet you for a . The signed campground and put in are on the south side of the road; there are group sites (unsigned) on the north side . We were at the 'Lower' site, meaning the west side of Goodell Creek (fairly obvious from the road). The site access is the first gravel road west of Goodell. There will be a chain gate; here you get to stretch your legs, take the dog for a walk, do some frisbee throwing (up at the site), etc. We were at the second (furthest) group site, and the valve should be within 20 feet of the northwest corner (back left) of the site (just a big gravel lot), and has a little hardware store biner on it. BTW, this is one sweet campsite to know of if you're with a group. It only costs $25 a night and you can bring something like 30 cars and 60 people. Not exactly a climbing trip size, but a few people makes it pretty cheap. Thanks for checking this post.
  6. Stellar falls?

    any reason's not to lead it in that kind of shape?
  7. Anyone seen Pan Dome recently? Ice on Rainier?

    skied at baker on weds. and y'aint got a prayer climbin' ice at pan dome or tabasco.
  8. yeah, i've checked 'em now. dealing....
  9. ok, i'm a gaper - i can't remember how to insert the photos, duh! one little picture two little picture i let my meat loaf on the posting thing lately...
  10. Come and get 'em -- Cream of the crop: Black Diamond Turbo Express Ice Screw Rack -- 1 - 10 cm 2 - 13 cm 2 - 16 cm 2 - 19 cm 1 - 22 cm Also for sale: 1 Charlet Moser Laser 10 cm 1 Grivel 360 17 cm 2 Titanium 17 cm I'd prefer to sell the lot, but will consider the piece-out routine if I have to, or go straight to the 'bay. $225 plus shipping if we don't do a hand-off. I'm in the Seattle area. Please note I consider myself pretty meticulous with my screws and teeth and I'm not trying to sell you a nasty set. These haven't been creamed into rocks or been left to rust or never touched up. I like a predictable rack. The Laser and 360 are a little older and not as sweet but still just fine. The Turbo's are only 1 season old! The ti's... well many of us have and never use 'em....
  11. hyalite

    oh, cleo's....
  12. perhaps better suggestions come with her reasons for nixing the tools mentioned in first post?
  13. Yashica T4 Super vs. Olympus Sylus Epic

    i've broken a couple sTylus's, but they were good camera's and i don't really baby electronics. part of my problem with all those oly stylus designs is the darn sliding cover/turn on mechanism, which easily happens shoving into a pants cargo pocket or tight pack if you have it oriented the 'wrong' way. those tight pockets have a knack with preventing that lense to pop out, so you get a pretty irritated camera - especially if you didn't notice it happening. of course, diligence can prevent this, but nonetheless it can still happen during transit, even if you pack it carefully - especially in a pants cargo pocket (i'm not one to handle the bulk and time with cases on trips). i don't think they are good for climbing as a snap and stash camera. i heard pentax has a good reputation for handling abuse, btw. other than that, i was quite pleased with their performance (and a kick ass zoom), but i've sent 2 to their graves.
  14. water fun at exit 38

    i was hoping this was going to be about ice farming preps...