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  1. Growing up in Skagit and Whatcom counties and knowing Dallas back in the day, this is probably the most interesting piece of PNW climbing literature in my collection. Published in 1971 and sold as a 67 page pocket guide for $2.50.
  2. New Millenium Wall would be perfect for kids. No cliffs in sight for them to run off. Easy trail all the way. Nice flat base area. Quite a few short but fun climbs. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/new-millennium-wall/106529597 One word of warning, though, there are lots of ticks all over Mt. Erie in the early summer.
  3. Awesome guys! Good to see you getting after it Kevin!
  4. Very cool! Looks like a fun route on good rock. Thanks for the write up, and awesome pictures as usual! Wild that it has been a year since Dallas passed. He was an amazing guy that gave so much to so many people. He made great contributions to Pacific NW mountaineering, and is certainly missed!
  5. Yeah Eric! Much respect for not spending the night under the pop-tart wrapper. That is a proud climb in itself, and I can't imagine doing it in the conditions you guys did. At least you had the prussiking to keep you warm on the way down!
  6. A great Trip Report and a little history from the man himself. J-berg is a burly peak! Thanks for the legacy Dallas! Skagit Alpine Club J-berg TR http://www.skagitalpineclub.com/Newsletters/Trip%20Reports/Johannesburg%20TR.htm You are an inspiration for sure!
  7. I am very happy that the Malamute has been acquired by the province. As Casinos and blindingly bright reader boards appear at the base of the Apron, it is nice to know that we can still escape the highway noise and rope up looking over Howe Sound into the future. A sincere thank you to all involved in this acquisition!
  8. This is so sad... Dallas was an amazing person with amazing motivation all around in life. Northwest Washington will not be the same without him. At 70 years old, he was one of the most inspiring people I have ever met! I don't know many other people motivated enough to run laps up and down the road at Mt. Erie in the cold Anacortes winter rain. Sincere condolences to all his loved ones, I know that I will miss crossing paths with him in the hills. Dallas, you are amazing!
  9. This is totally bad-ass!!! The thought of skiing the hanging glacier is some next level stuff! We were cruising around the ski area having a lazy day and saw you guys heading for your objective and blasted down to the car to grab the binoculars. That is some seriously sick s#*t!
  10. Hey Will, it's Jared. I sent you a pm... let me know what's up.
  11. FYI... I drove the 38 FS road behind the gravel quarry headed for the Twin Sisters range today. A rockslide with car sized boulders in it is blocking access a couple miles prior to the gated bridge which crosses the middle fork nooksack. There is a front end loader parked near the slide area, but it looks like a lot of work. The blue mountain road access looked pretty clear (loaded logging trucks were coming out), but the gate is still locked, and the road was covered in ice.
  12. Anybody been up to assess the damage recently? I've been thinking about making a trip out that way, just wondered if I should bring the chainsaw along...
  13. Stopped by the ranger station in Sedro Woolley today to get info on splitboard cramponing up El Dorado this weekend. Looks like a mudslide came down on one of the bridges 3 or so miles before the Eldo trailhead. If anyone is thinking of heading for Cascade Pass area this weekend, might want to check with the forest service. The pictures they had made the road look pretty impassable no matter what you're driving.
  14. We used to snowboard at the base of that thing in high school, we even built some road gaps over the logging roads up there. I never expected to see it show up on CC.com.
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