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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Hikers stuck in crevasse on Mt. Hood

    If it interests you, PMR has some photos from our point of view. Click here. [ 05-31-2002, 09:23 AM: Message edited by: iain ]
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Hikers stuck in crevasse on Mt. Hood

    I just returned from that rescue. The scene up at the hogsback was surreal. Helicopter blades everywhere and an upside down carcass of an H60 lying at the base of a streak of debris down the left side. There are currently PJs bivied up high to secure the site. I don't know if you will be allowed to climb there tomorrow. The pilot must be commended. The crash could have killed many of us, but he veered off to avoid it.
  3. Deaths on Rainier

    The party consisted of Oregon State Univ. mountaineering club members. Hardly out of towners. I've met the woman who died, she was taking an introductory mtn'ing course. Don't know about the others. Liberty Ridge epics seem to be a fairly common with OSU students.
  4. Hood on Friday

    Damn, not sure if I can get the day off on Fri, but I'd be up for Wy'East over Leuthold. I have to be there on Fri anyways around 9pm.
  5. Arc'teryx...Enjoy them while you still can.

    I am a ruminant and have my own udder. I eat alfalfa sandwiches every day for lunch and my roommates hate me for dropping cow pies all over the place and re-chewing my own puke. Moo.
  6. Fav. Hood Route

    Just wait a few years.
  7. Feelings of Guilt

    I agree with Dru. I hope this does not cause you to dwell on the negatives of climbing. We all know the dangers, particularly those of us who have had close calls or have lost someone before. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. Clearly you were not in a position to help. -Iain
  8. Arc'teryx...Enjoy them while you still can.

    quote: Originally posted by erik: either way! dey still reperzent da same thing... Fine, I'll only wear a non-child labor organic hemp poncho that I got on barter for a block of cheese and some churned butter on all my climbs from now on so that I can justify my above statement.
  9. iain bring back the freshiez sig!!!!

    quote: Originally posted by ruddersbox: How can you use a graphic like that w/o saying dat freshiez sig is off the hook, yo
  10. Fav. Hood Route

    The times I've crossed it have been up high, around 9000'. That was a fairly calibrated reading, so I think we were higher than the 8600' mark. This puts you on a pretty steep snow traverse for about 30m, but eases when you get around a corner, and you gain a ridge that overlooks the Sandy G after a few hundred meters. Getting down to the Sandy G. can be slow from this elevation, there is some fairly steep downclimbing on mixed ground to a bergschrund that would need an end run now. Nothing too difficult, but it takes some time. You can drop much lower where Yocum R. mellows. There is supposedly a good spot to camp if you want a two-day trip. MtnHigh was there just a short while ago. He said it was a good spot. I think he is in Alaska now, so you probably won't get a response from him. Gaining the Sandy G. from the low crossing appears to be quite easy. Obviously it is a significant elev. penalty, but is easier ground than the higher stuff. Hope that helps. Good luck! Watch for rockfall off the upper buttress as you cross over to the start of the headwall. -Iain Just to add: I've traversed it in early May and mid-June, each time I took the upper route, encountering no problems. That would be my choice. [ 05-29-2002, 12:26 PM: Message edited by: iain ]
  11. Grybrd Solo atmpt,C2Ski,&Slideshow

    You got that right! Can hardly wait.
  12. iain bring back the freshiez sig!!!!

    Aw shucks, well okay. Now that the Cone's closed for the season I'll keep the dream alive! FFRESHIEZ FFOREVER
  13. Climbers On Mt. Baker

    The word "experienced" is a little blurry. Is the guy who's climbed Mt. Hood 50 times in stellar conditions more experienced than the one who survives a one night ordeal in a blizzard? I've always put little weight on that adjective in the reports. Note: I am in no way suggesting that these guys did or did not belong there. Did Bellingham MR respond to this one?
  14. Climbers On Mt. Baker

    That's a great story. Were they using a 2-meter VHF to contact the ham guy? [ 05-29-2002, 08:27 AM: Message edited by: iain ]
  15. Middle Sister Southeast Ridge Beta Needed

    I was just in last weekend (and a couple weeks before that) skiing the Villard G. on North Sister. Be prepared to hike for a ways with skis on pack before getting to snow continuous enough for skis. Do not drop too low on descent, as WB advises. Entrance is easy, exit, more difficult. Pole Creek TH sits at 5520'. Start traversing left at around 6000' when coming out. Too high, and you do unnecessary climbing. Too low, and you're headed into Sisters w/o your car. Take map, compass, and altimeter, as usual.
  16. Question

    I've seen many fences around central Oregon that have square piles of rocks at the corners, held in by wood sticks (there are some near Smith Rock). My question is: What are those rocks for? Sorry if the answer is obvious, I'm no ranch hand.
  17. Arc'teryx...Enjoy them while you still can.

    First, that jacket isn't even close to that price at retail, and second, it's a pro-deal.
  18. Arc'teryx...Enjoy them while you still can.

    I don't care if it buffs your pole for you. $450 is ludicrous.
  19. Question

    Thanks a bunch. I feel like an ignorant city slicker now.
  20. Question

    I assume they're just to hold the fence in place? They seemed to be placed along the fences at random though. It really is a gripping question.
  21. Accident on Hood

    Remarkable how Cooper Spur keeps its quota almost every year. Who knows if even an axe would have helped him. He fell on the steeps right near the top. The sad part is it was apparently a last-minute decision over just skiing the south side.
  22. Annoying Auto Sigs

    Yeah, it wins hands down, especially since everywhere you post has that abe lincoln lookalike...and you post everywhere.
  23. climbing, anyone?

    I'd be happy to hit the crags with you, serious. Just let me bring my crag dog. [ 05-24-2002, 03:45 PM: Message edited by: iain ]
  24. climbing, anyone?

    ....gaper if you beat other gapers to the obvious joke on another gaper's misspelling...bonus points if it's crude.
  25. climbing, anyone?

    Amber, call me anytime. Here's me in my action suit: