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  1. Another scout issue

    ketch, i worked for a summer as a climbing counselor at Philmont, the BSA camp in new mexico. they make you do a belay on the rappell for added safety and it also helps ease the kids fears because they may feel more secure. its as simple as that. by the way, you should absolutely apply to work on staff at philmont. it was the best summer of my life!!
  2. i can vouch for the game at 22nd and powell (sundays @2pm). its a fun atmosphere and you will be welcome as a beginner. there is often a smaller game going on for the less fit/ambitious.
  3. Looking for a Room in Vancouver, WA

    Anyone in the 'couve looking for a roomate?
  4. iPod accessorization

    check out www.ipodlounge.com/ they've got reviews and such... i have an FM transmitter for mine, and it pretty much blows. i have the mini, which comes with a clip attachment. when i store the ipod, i turn the clip around so it protects the face, seems to work well. if you want to listen to your ipod in the car a lot, i would recommend hard wiring it to your stereo, there is a step by step tutorial at the ipodlounge. its for a dodge neon, but with a little imagination you can tailor it to any car stereo...
  5. warning.... public service announcement

    if the force was strong enough to rip the dudes foreskin off, what happened to the girl?
  6. new to eatonville

    i just moved to eatonville for the summer and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on things to do. i know all about mt rainier and the tattoosh, but i'm looking more for stuff that is off the beaten path that i may not have heard of, ranging from good peaks to bag after work to local watering holes to swim at. thanks in advance for the info!
  7. Black Diamond Shadow 55

    the bivy pad on mine isnt sewn in...
  8. Please Support our Sponsors

    I spent over $200 at PMS last week
  9. iPod mini

    i bought my mini from Best Buy and got their extended 2 year warranty for $36. i figger i can kill the thing off in a bit less than two years and get the newest version for free!
  10. which hardshell snowboard boot?

    slaphappy - i like the hard boots because of the lightness and climbability. cj - good tip! there was tons of discussion, but no clear answers. looks like a free for all!
  11. so i have decided to buy a splitboard and hardshell plastic snowboard boots with the plate bindings. what i'm looking for is advice on which boot to buy. who uses what? and also, which stores would carry them so i can try before i buy? it doesnt seem that there is much of a selection out there...
  12. New Cams

    just buy the one cam and keep sliding it up as you go...
  13. conditioning near enumclaw

    i recently started working in enumclaw and am looking for good places to go trail running/hiking after work. any suggestions?
  14. Quotes about climbing

    "You know the difference between 'trauma' and 'no big deal' ? 'Trauma' is when it happens to me. 'No big deal' is when it happens to you... This roof is 'no big deal' !" — William Wright.
  15. rugby is the devil!!

    hahahaha, classic...