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  1. Mtn Lion Attack

    I thought at the age of 42 watching out for cougars was bad enough - but even at 65? Those things must be desperate.
  2. Ladder!!!

    Ladders are aid.
  3. Caption Time Again

    Kurt Russell?
  4. my new sexy wardrobe

    Not much.
  5. The Great Compromises of Life

    shark or bear
  6. The Great Compromises of Life

    gremlin or pinto?
  7. Do you wear a Casio wrist watch?

    No, but I can tell you the temperature, barometric pressure, elevation, direction - among other things. It's supposed to tell time?
  8. One to comment on how long it took to change the light bulb and question the timing of it. 300 to comment on the validity of the timing of it and if dogs are allowed to help in the changing of the lightbulb. Yet another new forum is established to deal with it.
  9. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    Did you use official timers, and if so, how many?
  10. My New Workout

    Yup, pretty amazing stuff.
  11. This headline makes me giggle

    Wasn't there a recent post on this site regarding "black hole" bleaching? Too lazy to find it.
  12. Because it needs to be said

    I hate coffee. Live long and prosper.
  13. Bush major policy address

    "Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world, Than the pride that divides, when a colourful flag is unfurled" Neil Peart from "Territories"
  14. Mark Knopfler is my god

    Neil Peart, most definitely. Bill Bruford, and Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny - First Circle era)