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  1. Integral Designs MK1 Lite $275 I purchased this new. Used it 3-4 times. It's been sitting in my gear closet for way to long. Smells a little musty but a soak in Mirazyme should take care of that. Bibler Ahwahnee 1 $375 I purchased this new. Used it 4-5 times. Selling for $375. This is an original Bibler before they sold to Black Diamond. It did suffer a crampon puncture on Mt. Rainer but was professionally patched by Rainy Pass Repair in Seattle. At that time, I also had them add two guy out points on the back wall. Some light mars in a couple spots from gear rubbing on the inside wall. Purely cosmetic (no punctures). Big Agnes Saddle Mountain SL 15 Double Bag $500 This is a great doublewide down bag from Big Agnes. I purchased it new and only slept in it one night. Just downsizing the gear closet. Perfect condition. Zero signs of use. Stored unstuffed. The North Face Ama Dablam PacLite Jacket $60 Men's size Large. Red. I purchased this new from TNF in Seattle many years ago. Cost then was around $400. I have way to many jackets in my closet so it's time to offload this one. Nothing wrong with it. Still in new condition. Hard to find info on this model, this was the best I could dig up: http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/product-reviews/the-north-face-ama-dablam-jacket/245.html Brunton ADC Pro....SOLD All items come from a pet and smoke free home. Shipping is available at actual cost.
  2. Not my listing. Just stumbled upon it. EDIT: Sorry. Didn't know this was taboo. Someone scored a good deal though....
  3. Frozen toes

    I've used the aerogel insoles. They do seem warmer than anything else I've tried. But they also crush flat in the heel and balls of your feet in a matter of days. Based on the info about them, that shouldn't affect the warmth, but it does affect the comfort. They've since been moved to my work boots.
  4. blank inside

  5. Mt Hood Summit Bid

    1st.... learn the definition of "alpine climb". 2nd.... wanting "A LOT" of snow but not wanting to deal with the weather that dumped said snow, well.... um, no comment. Why do you want A LOT of snow? Have you post holed up a mountain before? Its not as fluffy and cute as you'd think once your up to your knees in it. If you want lots of snow, its best to pick a time when the snow is well packed. Get some basic avalanche training and gain some experience climbing on a glacier. Then check for a good weather window (I like March) and go for it. Good luck and be safe.
  6. Tent cooking

    When climbing and melting snow, I use the MSR Superfly hanging stove. When backpacking and just heating up water for freeeze dried meals, I use a primus alpine micro on a folding plastic stand. If the weather is bad, I just slightly unzip the tent door for ventalation. Otherwise its mostly open. Have used both of these set-ups a number of times. Never had any problems.
  7. Using a bivvy instead of tent on Rainier?

    Doesn't sound like much of an option to me. Bivies are great on Rainier..... in decent weather. If the weather is crappy enough to make your night in the bivy miserable, its crappy enough to make your climb miserable.
  8. Hardman Halfbag

    The Vireo and Volant combo work like a charm on Rainier...... and anywhere else I go.
  9. I will be presenting a persuasive speech at GRCC in the next week or two (my time has not been scheduled yet) about the attempts to require the use of MLU's / and electronic signaling devices while climbing. I'd like to borrow someones PLB to use as a visual aid. It will not be used or powered on. If your in or near Tacoma / Auburn and have one you don't mind me hanging onto for a couple day's, please send me a PM. Kyle-
  10. Bike is good as new. Purchased directly from K2 in 2003. Less than 200 miles on it. All stock parts (once I put the original seat back on it). Comes with all the owners manuals. I think its a medium, either 16.5 or 18" frame. I had it tuned up after its break in period and have only riden it once since then. This bike needs to taste some single track soon. Its one of the fastest XC bikes you can find. I simply don't ride it enough to keep it. I can honestly say I rode it maybe 10 times. Come check it out. $1,500obo. I can take photos if you need them. Just let me know what exactly you would like to see. http://www.mtbr.com/reviews/2003_full_suspension/product_121280.shtml
  11. I still have this bike. Can't ride due to back surgery. Has been ridden 3 times since the original post. First resonable offer gets it. It is a medium frame. Messures 18" from top of seat post to bottom of bottom bracket.
  12. Petition Against Climbing Restrictions

    Done. My solution, carry one of these: http://www.buckmans.com/store/view-item-detail.aspx?ItemID=1324 Now I'm no longer a mountianeer, just a well prepared sledder.
  13. Kevin You yourself have said that you are an expert in the area of PLB’s. But if you chose to leave the discussion, and stop your efforts of providing the equipment, how do you expect anybody to learn? I appreciate the time and effort you have put forth thus far. I, as well as many others here, am not against the use of electronic equipment in the wilderness. I am against mandating said equipment. Without a teacher, how can anyone learn?
  14. +1 for Cilogear. I tried the Andinista on at FF one time. Nothing they did to adjust it made it feel right. Sent Graham my measurements when I ordered my 60L worksack. He sent me a Medium. Fit was perfect. Tried it out on Granite then on Rainier. Carries better than any other pack I've owned, even my big packs that I used to use for lugging water jugs for training (Dana Designs Terraplane LTW and Gregory Denali Pro). Of course it all comes down to what fits you better.
  15. More Jabs at PMR by the Oregonian

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Boots, gloves and a t-shirt. Thats how I roll <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  16. Unnamed lake - NW corner of park

    You are never completley safe below tree line. An avalanche from above can still find you in the tress. The potential for an avalanche to trigger below the tree line is reduced. http://www.avalanche.org/~uac/encyclopedia/anchors.htm
  17. I've wondered about this. I assume more climbers own avy beacons compaired to other locator devices already. They obviously don't send out a distress signal, but neither do the MLU's.
  18. My Sony DCR-SR40 does well in outdoor settings but does not work at altitude (I think the manual say's 7,000ft, it crapped out on Rainier at about 12,000ft..... works fine once back at a lower elevation). Anybody have any experience with Flip or Kodak Zi8 at higher altitudes? Based on reviews I like the Kodak. Your thoughts?
  19. Group Buy - McMurdo Find Find 210 PLB

    I'd need to do a bit of research about this particular unit, but at first glance I'd say I'm in. Maybe a group buy for a replacement battery as well? EDIT: "battery must be replaced by the manufacturer". Wonder what that cost is?
  20. Which video camera for climbing?

    I had an old mini cassette camera... It crapped out an Rainier as well. I'm guessing your saying the Flip and Kodak won't work well either.......
  21. Memorial Service for Luke Gullberg

    What time on Sunday?
  22. Lets say that MLU's were mandated, who would be held liable if a climber was not found because of an inacurate signal (or lack of one)?
  23. I would be very interested to hear what Glenn has to say. I would guess it would echo what Rocky Henderson of PMR said here: (assuming this is the same Rocky that assisted Glenn in teaching the avalanche course I took on Hood a few years ago) http://www.traditionalmountaineering.org/News_HB2509.htm
  24. The cost to enforce the above would be more then the costs for the rescues.