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  1. I'm having a hard time finding a bag that fits well. I lost a pair of g-12's earlier this year and would like to put this pair in a bag. Thanks
  2. Are there any good routes for skiing in late August? Adams, Rainier, etc... I did Adams South Spur in early July and had a blast and would like to do similiar trips. I have to be in the area in mid September too. Is the Muir snowfield possible then? Thanks, Shawn
  3. What is the best way to get to Cold Springs Campground from Spokane? I have a 2 wheel drive passat, so road conditions should factor in. Hood River? Or is there a better route from the north? Thanks, Shawn
  4. Most likely glissading the headwall below Shurman. $50 reward is found.... Shawn
  5. I saw the little girl and her dad coming down from Shurman Sunday. What a tough kid!
  6. climb! We summited Tuesday via the Emmons route. It was truly an amazing experience! Shawn
  7. I would like to have them in my GPS in case there is a last minute change of plans and we climb Emmons instead of Ingraham Direct. Does anyone have coordinates on this route? The datum (Nad 1927, etc) would be appreciated too! Thanks, Shawn Thanks to everyone for replies to this and other post I've made!
  8. I’m on a 4-person team planning to climb the Ingraham Direct route between Sunday and Wednesday. Months ago we secured the time off work to climb during the week and added a few days for weather. Ideally we would camp at Muir Sunday and Ingraham Flats Monday with a Tuesday morning summit. With current events and the forecasted weather what do Rainier veterans think our plan? We all have formal mountaineering training, but this will be our first Rainier attempt. I’m not concerned with glacier travel or crevasse rescue, but more so the recent avalanche conditions. We will all have a beacon and a probe and will run through a few mock rescues before the climb. With so much time on our schedule we will actually go over all aspects of safety in regards to this climb before the summit attempt.
  9. I have the Black Diamond Lightsabre bivvy sack. Would it be acceptable to use this instead of a tent on the Ingraham/DC route for a June 12th climb? We're planning to camp on the Muir snowfield or Camp Muir and another night at Ingraham Flats. My other option is a 10lb 4 season tent (North Face 25). Thanks, Shawn
  10. Where would I find the most current route conditions? Would it be here? Thanks, Shawn
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