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  1. Adams - South route, avy conditions

    According to the FS Web Sight, road is closed 1 mile past Wicky Shelter as of 5-13-03. I plotted on map software to find that from point of road closure you have a 5.2 mi/1600' trip to cold springs then another 1.3mi/750' for a total of 6.5 mi/2350' to trailhead at Timberline C.G. From there it is the usual 5.1 mi/6030' climb up dog route to the summit. Basically the snow on road more than doubles the total distance.
  2. I'm an Evil Dumb-Ass!

    2 feet of horsecock?! Impressive.
  3. alpine paragliding

    Signed up for lessons a couple of years ago and bought all the gear. My intent was to do just what you are talking about - climbing up and sailing off. I have hardly used it. Not even enough to get certified solo. (I can solo only under direct supervision and constant radio contact with instructor). It turns out that I don't get much of a rush out of it. As a beginner I must wait until conditions are perfect so I spend more time watching others fly. I sit there thinking "If I had went climbing I would have lead three routes by now". Then when I do fly it is a nice little ride under a smooth sail. Not much of a rush. I prefer a good multipitch climb any day. If I had it to do over again I would have spent my money on climbing or bike gear.
  4. Cantwell on Fee Demo

    My biggest gripe is that I have to pay a fee for what is probably the lowest impact form of recreation there is. The fee is supposedly to maintain the trails. They then take those fees and build massive visitor centers (like at Mt. St. Helens) which are, of course, free to visit. So the fee for my low impact use goes to subsidize very high impact sights. That sux. Oh yeah, and I agree. Cantwell didn't say shit in her canned response. Like Glen said "tell them what they told you, empathize, support... do nothing."
  5. The Brothers beta?

    Don't know what the hell I was thinkin. You were asking about The Brothers and I started writing about Washington. I must have been asleep at the wheel.
  6. The Brothers beta?

    Just did Ellinor on Thursday 4-11. You'll find more snow than usual and will have to walk about a mile and a half to get to the trailhead. Since we were doin Ellinor I can't tell you much else about Washington. Especially since we couldn't even see it from Ellinor due to total whiteout.
  7. chimacum crag

    Jim, I'm pretty sure I could get us there. Give me a holler if you can ever get a weekend day off! Matt
  8. Mt Washington In Winter??

    Tried it once on Washington's Birthday even though it was raining cats and dogs and visibility was about 50'. That was the first mistake. Second mistake was forgetting my ice axe. Turned around about half way up, soaking wet and miserable. Went down to hoodsport and had a beer. Only good choice we made all day.
  9. Hello?

  10. Fee Demo & Mt Rainier

    OK, since we're going on about fees. It seems ridiculous that it cost $30 for me and my kid to climb St. Helens, yet visiting the multi-million dollar visitor center would have been free. Our cost and impact to the park while climbing- one use of the toilet with virtually no environmental impact (we hiked on snow the whole way). The cost and impact to build and maintain the visitor center - obviously just a wee bit more.
  11. Starting a rack. WHat should I get?

    Thanks. I bought it at mgear at your suggestion. Hope it's good. $25 with shipping
  12. Starting a rack. WHat should I get?

    Speaking of Post Falls. Do you know of any climbing guides for the area? I may head that way soon and need the scoop. If no guides, got any other beta? Thanks
  13. Starting a rack. WHat should I get?

    Post Falls? Cool. I grew up there. I now find bolts on routes I used to climb on in blue jeans and tennis shoes back when I was young and had more balls than brains. Surprising I lived through it. I recently started my sport climbing rack. A dozen quickdraws, four or five locking biners, and plenty of webbing make a pretty good start. The trad stuff can come later. Though the earlier advice to start trad has some merit, cost can delay your start that way. Just remember that the switch to trad adds a serious bit of difficulty so if you sport lead a 5.10.a, take it back to 8 or 9 for trad lead.
  14. St. Helens

    Climbed St. Helens on Memorial Day weekend via Monitor Ridge route. Road is now open to climbers bivouac. Weather was perfect. Leave early in the morning for firm snow. It softened significantly later in the day. 12 year old Trevor made the top. Followed it up with a trip through Ape Cave. The first 10 minutes of the dark cave was cool. Then next hour taxed the nerves. Entering Ape Cave is a must - Going all the way through is just drudgery.