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  1. Boy, a simple guy like me doesn't stand a chance in this room. In defense of my Bro Robb, I grew up with NO religion and of course had to develop my own opinions(that's a laugh, I will wonder till the day I die, just like most of you). It's easy to be turned off by religious action of ANY type right now, with the crazy shit(an abnormally large amount of crazy shit, that is) going on in the world. Especially with that cool special on Discovery Channel about the dinosaurs and how we evolved and shit. See how simple I am? See how this is going nowhere? Let's just hope them bastards in charge can figure it out and be lucky that we can have a peaceful holiday.
  2. Wil_Carter

    Never Mind

    Skitty, we gotta quit talking to ourselves, they all think we're crazy.
  3. Wil_Carter

    Never Mind

    Wil, you are a dumbass. As usual, you let the shit get to ya. You know better than that. Here I am now on silly board every evening- but guess what? You already met people as a result, which was your intention from the start. So quit being so dang sensitive and get what you can from this joint-it's better than nothing. And to whoever manages this joint, please remove this lame post.
  4. Know what skitty? Stewbone and I are a lot of fun, but certainly nothing to be afraid of, 'cause we(hope I can include you, Stew-c'mon buddy, stay with me here, I need your rapier wit.)always climb safe.
  5. Nice, Stew, get 'em fired up agin. He can't type worth a damn, but he can talk a mean streak of shit.
  6. Wil_Carter


    OK, Pusher, I recognize that one's assholiness does not rise in proportion to their climbing ability. Otherwise I would be a really nice guy and the truth is I'm just as much an ass- hole as the rest of you. It's all cool here.
  7. Watch out you guys, although he can't type worth a damn, he can talk a mean streak of shit.
  8. Ok Stewbone, here we go. First of all, you know that I would much rather have a girl fucking with me than one of these bungholios. Second, I was certainly NOT kissing those little princess bitches asses-shame on YOU for saying so. I just need some f-ing SEX and will do anything to get it(with a WOMAN, Bungholios, with a WOMAN). Please forgive me. Look forward to climbing with ya Bro.
  9. Wil_Carter


    OK, I dig a little better now. I honestly did not mean to step on any toes-believe me, I have all the respect in the world for an accomplished climber. Thanks Rod, I see that there is a lot of harmless shit-talking going on here. Caveman, you've been helpful although you can talk shit with the best of them. Bone, Jblakley, anyone else I'm forgetting, thanks and maybe I'll be back when I have something to talk about. OK Stewbone, let's go to Smith and do something new. After we'll bowl up and have an oil can.
  10. Wil_Carter

    Never Mind

    OK, now I dig it a little better. Truly I did not mean to step on anyone's toes-I think I was taken aback by the agressiveness of some of the replies and responded in kind. Please, no offense to anyone, I'm all about peace these days. Special thanks to Rod and Caveman-I learned a bit here-all part of the experience I guess. But I don't really have time for this anyway and would prefer to meet y'all at the crags. But I WILL be listening to you guys and I guess I'll be back when I have something to talk about. Peace.
  11. Wil_Carter

    Never Mind

    I can't seem to escape the bullshit. You can't say anything here without it being misconstrued and turned into a big joke. Thanks to those of you who genuinely try to help, and to Hell with the rest of you, I'm done with the Climber's Wall.
  12. Wil_Carter

    Never Mind

    Thanks to those of you who offer good advise and try to help. You can't say anything here without it being misconstrued and turned into a big joke. I think I'm done with the Climber's Wall.
  13. Wil_Carter


    No shit, I would really just like to interact with some other climbers who are at my beginning level. I don't feel like talking shit about how cool I am right now. I just want to do more climbing and hope that I can reach a high level without becoming too much of an asshole.
  14. Goddamn, thanks for all that dudes. A response from The Caveman? And Pencil Pusher? Truly I am overwhelmed. The truth is, I really am a Newbie, and I really am looking for other Newbies to climb with. 'Course 'round here I never will know if I'm just being fucked with.
  15. C'mon Newbies, say something. I know you are scared, but everybody started somewhere.
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