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  1. John Peel -- Music

    I've got some Cocteau Twins at the BBC. Part of it is Peel sessions. Great stuff. I think my "Pixies at the BBC" is also a Peel session, but I'm not sure. I've been reading so many great memorials to him the past few weeks; one in particular by Bill Nelson of Be Bop Deluxe is really interesting. Didn't know Siouxsie had one -- I'll have to search that one out. Wish we had more DJs like him today. I've got to try XM radio and see if the DJs there are all they're cracked up to be.... Jim
  2. Mt Stuart Rescue - 7/11 ??

    Thanks for the info - sorry if I opened a topic you'd have rather kept under the radar; I was mostly concerned that someone had been seriously hurt. I'm glad to hear that LW is recuperating. I had wondered also about how the rescue was summoned, so thanks for the details. I personally don't take a cell phone in the backcountry, but situations such as this illustrate their value. Things could have been worse without one... Jim
  3. Mt Stuart Rescue - 7/11 ??

    Is anyone aware of a rescue that might have occurred on Mt Stuart Sunday 7/11? My partner and I had just finished descending the Long John Tower col and saw a large Huey-type helicopter repeatedly circling the summit. It would back off awhile, only to return again a few mins later. Some hikers later told us they'd seen someone airlifted. Don't know how accurate they were, though... When we got home didn't find anything on the news about it. Puzzled!! Jim
  4. K2 8611's @ STP

    Thanks snoboy ,,, I figured somewhere around 190 would keep me afloat and still be fun.
  5. K2 8611's @ STP

    Bummer -- STP only offers the 153. Knew it was too good to be true. Having not done any AT skiing, what's the recommended ski length for a 6'2" - 210 slob like me? Intermediate downhiller. Usually I ski a 190-200, but wasn't sure the proper length for skiing with a pack or trailing a sled... Any advice appreciated!
  6. Envirofacists take out the Channel Islands forever

    Freeclimb, Bad science to justify a permanent closure,,, Yea maybe or maybe not - people will argue that till the cows come home, with no consensus... But we're still looking at closure of a miniscule area... This hardly portends a lockup of the entire California coast.... And Emerald Bay does have some neat fish, but no where near the amounts and diversity that were there as late as the 50's , early 60's. I don't know how old you are, but if you weren't out there back then you don't know what you're missing in the reefs. The old-timers can fill you in...
  7. Envirofacists take out the Channel Islands forever

    Freeclimb, You make some good points, and I agree that the oceans aren't homogenous, so using a percentage figure doesn't necessarily convey a clear view. But it makes sense to preserve the waters around what is now a National Park. My point still holds true - there are very few places in our oceans protected from fishing. If we can't afford it now, when will we ever? Ever snorkeled or dove around Catalina or other islands offshore of So Cal? I have.. It's a desert, and it doesn't matter who/what you want to blame, sportsmen, commercials, or environmental degradation... Continued pressure on the Channels will eventually result in the same. Banning all fishing short-circuits the fingerpointing and starts the healing. Besides, there's plenty of other places to fish. But good luck, cause they've already been strip-mined by the same folks who want to do it to the Channel Islands....
  8. Envirofacists take out the Channel Islands forever

    Jeezo Freeclimb......Envirofacists?? Come on - you're telling me that we can't afford to place a fishing ban on a miniscule part of the world's oceans, just to let some wildlife recover?? Oceans are already being strip-mined, everyone knows it and not a thing's being done in most places. At most, about 1% of the world's oceans have fishing bans in place, and around .02% of California's coastline. But you said it yourself, "Sportfishing is a multi-billion dollar industry in southern California" .... We know where your priorities lie.... Get real, and recognize that not many people on this board are gonna sympathize with your rapist mentality....
  9. Someone's gotta do it

    Whom would you have me welease? Welease Woger! Yes! Welease Woger! Welease Woger! Vewy well. I shall welease Woger!
  10. Easy routes for beginning trad lead

    This is great stuff.... thanks everyone! I just followed up Sabre last weekend and I'm now thinking about leading someday.... You've given me some great ideas.... Jim
  11. Oly Pen Sucks!

    My God ! ! It's getting on nearly a month and no new TRs or posts on the Olympic Pen folder.... Do we suck, or what? Cross the pond and the Cascades are humming with activity!! (I was one of em' last weekend....) Let's get on the stick....
  12. The True nature of the DFA

    I suck too And if I know a route's got manufactured holds I'd pass... But those are self-imposed ethics; to each his own....
  13. The True nature of the DFA

    The mega-controversy Sir Donald alludes to: The link between DFA and the proposed Cogentrix plant...! The TRUTH is out there.....
  14. Olympics rainshadow...

    I think "rainshadow" is a misnomer ........ They should call it the "notasmuchrainshadow"..... I've had good weather and poor weather there, but what I've noticed mostly about the NE corner of the peninsula is that it's grey all the time, with not as much accompanying rain. DEPRESSING!!!