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  1. hurricane ridge skiing

    OK so I am a little premature, but I was wondering what anyone had to say about any backcounty ski tours out of hurricane ridge. any thoughts on the mom & pop area up there would be good too. I havn't been up there since I was about ten. for that matter any other suggestions for ski tours in the olympics would be great.
  2. Worst belay anchor you've ever set up?

    One time while belaying a partner up the second of a two pitch route,he yelled down that the primary anchor was a little sketchy so he had to back it up. Upon arriving to the top (which was, at the time an affair that pushed my personal limits) I found that the sketchy anchor was a branch off a small tree a litle less than 2 inches in diameter. But in his mind it was offset by a backup, which was another sub inch and a half branch off the same tree. After finishing the route we walked off,while having a discussion.....
  3. Best Beer in the World

    after much deliberation.......HOMEBREW!
  4. Quilicene climbing

    I saw a post that made reference to a sport area near quilicene. I couldn't get the search to find anything, so I thought I's ask the masses. Anybody know anything? Does it exist? Is it any Good? Is it kind of like the granite in Renton?
  5. interesting workout

    With a workout that lasts 24 hours (especially Rugby) there are a few major concerns: first rugby can be dangerous even if you are functioning at your top level, but when you work for an extended period of time, your energy stores are going to become depleted (both in individual muscles and systemically) are your coordination is going to suffer. Additionally, your alertness and decision making abilities are going to suffer both from overactivity and from lack of sleep. And finally, overuse injuries (which most athletes function on the edge of anyway)can very easily rear their heads. But hey it's your body.
  6. Fossil beta, Mr. Off-White

    alright I'll bite.....is there any way for us to know when we can access this area. I've driven all the way there twice, and not been able to get in. I would like to check it out, it is fairly close.
  7. Jobs for climbers?

    Mike, If you are going to go to school to become a chiropractor, you ought to approach some of the doc's in your area about an assistant position(or maybe look into physical therapy aiding)The pay is only mediocre at best, but it's a great job, and you will learn alot about working in health care. Besides if you want to get in the biz, your going to have to network, and you might as well start now!! Good luck.
  8. Mt. Erie

    I was thinking about checking this place out. I'm looking for some moderate sport climbing and some bouldering. is this place any good? I checked out the "rock climbing washington" guide, but considering it only includes the hardest, and what the author considers the best routes (rendering it a piece of crap) I don't know if anything ther is what I'm looking for. Also...any good tips on where to camp?
  9. Know a Good Knee Doctor?

    As for all the ripping on various health care providers (especially chiropractic, being one myself). The best way to find a doc (or therapist) is take advice rom people you trust, keeping in mind that a degree says something, but not everything. I can think of people in all fields (chiropractors, MD's, PT's, osteopaths, etc.) who are briliant , and others who are idiots. It's kind of like climbing grades.... some 5.10's are no sweat, some are pure hell (at least for me) find someone who is familiar with your type of injury (i.e. climbing, skiing). happy trails...or routes...or runs...
  10. elwah sandstone

    does anyone know what any of the routes are rated, or where one might get a topo. I've been there once briefly, looked fun. I'm looking for some low and sub 5.10 stuff. Gracias
  11. mount angeles???

    has anyone been yp to mount angeles lately? Is it tool late to get some tele skiing in up there? I've spent very little time up there, so if there is somewhere else that might be better, I;m open to suggestion. Thanks and geez... can't we get a gremlin on skis. well until then...
  12. west sound bouldering???

    Does anyone know of any bouldering in the vicinity of kitsap county? I'm sorry if there is a previous thread. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  13. chimacum crag

    I recently checked out the crag at chimacum (by Port Townsend), I was wodering if anyone new anything about what any of the routes go at. There appeared to be a fair varity of routes, I didn't have tome to try any out though! Oh yeah if anyone in that neck of the woods needs a partner let me know.
  14. Omega Pacific Gear

    The wire-gate, bent-gate, seam good. I only have some of their d-biners, and suffice to say, I only use them for simple taks like top roping or in as quickdraws for very secure low stree situations. They have a very limiting gate clearance, which has been a major pain in backside at times. Then again... mine are old and maybe they've changed them. food for thought
  15. attaching slings to protection

    Wait a minute... research aside, I'll buy that if you can avoid slinging nuts, etc. without a biner it's a good idea to do so, but what's the deal with using two opposed biners to link slings in series for length sake? It sure seems like it would be plenty safe? I'm basing this on my experience, and intuition. If there is a major flaw in this let me know.