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  1. Luna Col to Fury's S.E. Glacier

    I remember it being pretty straight forward, they view from the col looks intimidating but there's a nice sidewalk on the north side. Select climbs mentions a 5th class step and we stayed climbers right on the way in and down-climbed the left side on the way out. There was a rap sling here and that was the only spot that I thought could be 5th class on the ridge. The views are great from the ridge, here's some pictures from a few years back. Start of the ridge from Luna Col Farther along the ridge One of the rock steps Down climbing
  2. Crampon, Boston Basin trail

    Found single crampon near the bottom of the trail on Tue morning.
  3. [TR] Twin Sisters- Green Glacier Area 9/3/2005

    Nice job! I'm glad to see that someone else is in there enjoying the great rock and exploring some new lines. We climbed the Northwest ridge (from the notch by Jaws Tooth) of Skookum a few years ago by approaching from the Hamilton side and recommend it as a good climb also. Will have to try and get in there before long and get on some of the stuff your putting up.
  4. [TR] Mt. Sefrit - Southeast Ridge - Attempt 3/13/2005

    Good work and nice Pics! Which route are you talkin about that starts closer to H. Pass? We did the route up through the gully mentioned in Beckey book a few years ago in August and it goes fine, bit of 4th class at the top that we rapped on the way down. The ridge below the summit is fun and exposed, imagine it would be a bit more exciting in the winter.....
  5. Found on N.Twin,W ridge 2/27

    How'd you guess?....... I was actually going to put that in the post, but I figured the poor guy had been smacked down enough. Still funny though! But I really did find something that the owner probably would want back. Also found a matchbox car stuffed in a crack?????
  6. Found on N.Twin,W ridge 2/27

    If you lost something recently on the ridge, shoot me a PM with description and I'll get it back to you.
  7. Twin Sisters: south side to be closed by gate

    what a drag.......why do they have to make it such a pain in the ass to get in there. That was the best way to get to any of the peaks south of the S.twin.
  8. [TR] North Twin Sister- South Rib 1/5/2005

    Sounds like fun, did you get any pictures?
  9. MP3 Player recommendations?

    I've been happy with the iPod mini for running and mtn. biking.
  10. panorama of S.Pickets

    Ya, the full size jpeg is 900kb, or the bloated photoshop file is 33mb.......
  11. panorama of S.Pickets

    Just got around to scanning some pics in from the S. Pickets. Used the handy photomerge in photoshop to stick these 4 shots together. Shot from a high point of the Barrier at about 7000' on 8/2/04.
  12. w00p! Baker to REopen on Thursday!

    Did anybody go on Sunday? How was it?
  13. Mac Audio Q? (iTunes)

    soundstudio, download a free trial here link
  14. Who's your father?

    holy shit thats funny!!
  15. Most mispronounced words in PNW climbing?

    how about "Gneiss" looks like gu-nees but it's nice