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  1. Snowshoe routes on CC.com?

    Good info y'all.... I'm a seasoned hiker and navigator, intermediate snowshoer (100 miles), beginner mountaineer (3 summits, 20 days steep snow solo) . I have read/studied avalanche awareness but have not taken an Avy 1 course. I plan on hiking solo unless I round someone up here. I would be limited to researching snowpack conditions, avalanche forecasts and avoiding obvious danger zones. How crazy would I be to go? So, exploring the ski-touring routes seems logical. I'm guessing a guidebook would indicate ski-descents that are too steep for snowshoes? Is something like the Heather Ridge-Skyline Ridge at Stevens Pass something to consider. Thanks in advance for your time on this....
  2. Snowshoe routes on CC.com?

    Hey y'all..... I know cc.com is alpinism focused, but I'm putting this out there. I'm researching long snowshoe routes in the PNW (5-6 days) to be done in Mid-April. Snow conditions then will determine the final location, but if you have any TRs to link to or solid suggestions on specific ridges/ranges/regions to explore at length, I would love to discuss. Thinking of circumnavigation of Three Sisters with a summit thrown in, alpine lakes wilderness area? But I like the North Cascades better. Too many options there! Help narrow it down?