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  1. Conspiracy?

  2. RATT

  3. happy st crispin's day...

  4. Perhaps there is a God after all

    Just to get this thread back on topic: "Perhaps there is a God after all." And perhaps he speaks from here... Burning Bush Oops! Dead link. My bad.
  5. The mark of the beast is here at last.

    Looks more like Frank Zappa, or the Zig Zag man.
  6. Great Seasonal Brew

    Great for any season.
  7. Alpine Phones

  8. Advice sought

    From the PoopReport...
  9. Real Question

    I'm in the Edmonds SD. The district is rolling out the beginnings of the new system this year...mostly an intro to what is coming. I wish it was going to include district admins.
  10. Real Question

    I am just about to start my 21st year teaching in the public school system. In that time I have had 5 different principals, and even more assistant principals. Without exception, it has been clear from the beginning that these admins primary goal was to further their careers, and improving the pedagogy in the building was secondary. As for the district level admins, they are politicians. They have no real accountability, other than "test scores" (which is about as bogus a measure of success as there is). Given that these scores are the default measure of the success or failure of a school's ability to provide a good education, teaching to the test is the focus of these admins, and many teachers who buy into the programs coming from the top. We are asked to focus our attention on those students who scored 2's on the test, in the hope that they can be moved up to 3's, which is passing. Those who score 1's aren't mentioned. In discussions with my last principal about how to support struggling students, he side-stepped the issue, finishing the conversation with, "They wouldn't pass the test anyway." As Jim said, reduce class sizes is a huge goal for improving student learning. On a daily basis, I can't help Saul, who has processing delays and still keep borderline-genius Kelsey fully engaged due to her ADHD, while making sure the 30 other students in the room get what they need to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding of what we are studying,in a 50-minute period. It's an untenable situation. Improving the lot of education in this country is a very complex issue, with many variables, but making those at the top as accountable as everyone seems to believe the teachers should be, and reducing the number of students in each class is where I'd start.
  11. clearing out the garage

    Is that 'whip it' still sold?
  12. This box is sold. Thanks Devin.
  13. Sleeping Bags for Kids

    My kids used the Kindercones for two years for a total of about 7 nights late spring into fall. They were warm and comfortable every night they spent in them.
  14. My kids have outgrown their sleeping bags. They fit in them up until they were about 55", and then they began to feel cramped. The bags are synthetic fill and rated to 30+ degrees. These bags are clean, like new, and are from a smoke-free home. The original stuff sacks are included. They currently retail for $64.50 + tax. Buy one, or both-$30 each obo.
  15. Straight from the source...

    God admits humans are not His most impressive creation.
  16. Lost in 1926

    The remains of three climbers emerge from the ice in Switzerland. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2169731/British-climbers-remains-brothers-went-missing-1926-melting-Swiss-glaciers-secrets.html#comments
  17. killen creek trailhead status?

    Killen Creek TH info in this post: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7999250
  18. Why was the counseling corner dropped?

    When was it not?
  19. And always, the routes, with purity of aspect, traversed obliquely. A should be classic...
  20. The Climber's Guide to the Universe

    It sure was for me.
  21. yates big wall harness?

    That's funny because I have always thought that buckles seemed so sketchy compared to the old tie-a-knot system.
  22. yates big wall harness?

    It's the former. I climbed with one of their prototypes for years that had the "dipshit webbign closure system" and it was really not a hassle once it became part of the routine. It's a really secure system that pretty much assures you won't fuck it up.
  23. "...the 100 percent certainty that you will not fall off is what keeps you from ever falling off..." -Alex Honnold
  24. You know, I have one, simple request

    Sea Bass.