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  1. Mt. Hood Conditions

    Went up to the top of WCR Friday am. Good conditions until about 10am and then it went south in a hurry. Impressive gouge out where the ice chunk launched and went looking for that young climber. Still wondering how she fell 300' by herself if she was roped (per media fucks).
  2. Scarpa Matrix Randonee boots 27.5

    Size 10 1/2-11 US Mens Wife bought used for my B-day. Went to Mountain Shop to get baked. Boots too big for me. Jeremy (?) at MS believes they have been used less than less than 6 times. $250 Might consider trade for size 26.5 (9-9 1/2) similiar boots Portland 503-632-5263 Salem 503-391-4378
  3. I can't seem to find any reliable info on the descent from upper Horseshoe to lower Horseshoe basin. I have done the approach from Sahale, but would like to try this approach next. The route finding on lower horseshoe seems to be managable for the ascent, although any info would be appreciated. I am more concerned about the descent from upper to lower HS. I am not a strong rock climber. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Scarpa Matrix Randonee Boots 27.5 Mondo

    Price reduced to $245. Any takers? Size 10 1/2-11 US Mens Wife bought used for me. Went to Mountain Shop to get baked. Boots too big for me (no appendage jokes please). Jeremy (?) at MS believes they have less than 8 uses on 'em. Camera broke so no pics but you can google. Might consider trade for 26.5 (size 9-9.5) similiar boots
  5. Like New Kids Ski Package-SOLD!!

    Purchased in 2007. Used twice. See link to Craig's List add below. Photos of Skis and Boots
  6. Like New girls Roxy skis and boots

    Was offered $130 on Craig's list. Would rather have CC.com'r put them to use. See link below. Photos of Skis and Boots
  7. Wanted size 9-9/12 Tele/Rando boots

    I meant AT or Rando. Sorry for the mistake.
  8. Wanted size 9-9/12 Tele/Rando boots

    I would prefer the Rando style. Do you have pics?
  9. Wanted size 9-9/12 Tele/Rando boots

    My old ones are horrible for climbing especially with crampons.
  10. Let's hope with all the arsenal coming down, you sacrificed yourself for some good photos?
  11. Accident on Hood today

    What were the conditions like when you came down? It appears he got hit by ice fall. Did you witness any of this. I was on north side yesterday and the snow/ice was "in". But the south side is a different animal.
  12. [TR] Mt. Hood - Cooper Spur 1/15/2009

    We met you at the trailhead on your way down. You gave me the great advice on the ski conditions so I cached my skis about 1/2 mile up. You guys probably saved me from a broken bone or skull fracture. Update on the snow conditions from TJ to treeline; If you don't take skis, at the very least take snow shoes. I postholed for 2 hours to get to above timberline. Horrid snow. Great job guys. through binocs we were able to pick out your line from just under 8000'. Are you going to mention the route finding choice on the way down?