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  1. At 12:32pm, cyber authorities responded to an accident at the southern face of the monitor. One techie injured his hand on a keyboard, and the incident required several support staff to set down their twinkies and strawberry milks and "see just what the hell was going on". it seems that some ne'er do well hoaxers were in the process of revealing the "new secret area", and simultaneously threw an effigy from the top of the monitor, which fell across the screen of cascadeclimbers, and laid at the bottom of the screen on the toolbar. the tape-wrapped rags were spotted by idle surfers just after twelve. response by local "authorities" was rapid, and we expect further continued ranting to continue until well after the holidays. Local climber, and anti spray advocate Dave Sowerby had this to say"Well this is joost wat A'id expec from a site lak this, did ah tell ye aboot my new fyve twelve". Your local ISP is reviewing the matter, but expressed concern that "this sort of asinine shit seems to be on the upswing."
  2. Yeah I know it's not climbing related... 10'0" Longboard, 50/50 Hansen by Cardiff, w/ leash. $300. Like brand spankin new...
  3. The crag.com is a hotbed of controversy on the ethics bbs. The most hysterical part is, the route in question is the most laughable example of innapropriate bolting possible.
  4. on the same note (single, seeking climbing chicks) I've been, uhm, this is hard to say....uhm, seriously thinking, I mean.....an idea, at least is....to uhm....you know...........to uh....JOIN THE MAZAMAS. There, I said it!! Have your way with me, you cruel internet sparayers!! I couldn't help it! I want to get laid, and go climbing...it was the best idea I could come up with....oh the humanity..
  5. Have to get in my two cents: Climb Max is the real deal. More gear than clothes. OMC sucks completely. There is maybe one guy in there worth talking to. Here's a good example: In 1990, while making $4/hr, I saved up enough to buy a full set of Friends & biners. I walk in the next day, the same guy that sold me the stuff is acting like he doesn't know me when I have a couple questions, and then the owner acts like it's a big goddamned deal to get me a block of chalk. I would sooner order everything mail order than give them my business again. Maybe if you're a West Hills hottie with d-cups looking for a four season North Face tent to take to the coast, it's the right place for you to shop. Anyone else could get better service at the DMV.
  6. Does anyone know what the conditions are at Static Point? Snow etc..
  7. thanks for the laughs. i have McGuyvered so much shit over the years, it isn't even funny. reading your posts made me burst out laughing out loud for the first time in a while.
  8. i wish you had not shown me this..... and i thought the porn was becoming a problem.
  9. Ive got a Jannd Zoor that I've been using for close to a decade. Two tool loops, minimal straps, fits rope rack etc, carries nice, retail is about $85.
  10. Hmm, see if you can pick the person who doesn't know what they're babbling about!! (HINT)It's not Caveman!
  11. any of the kevlar or spectra cords are fine. they are stiff enough to make the small and medium hexes easier to place. to fuse the ends, take the piece of cord you have cut (about 36"-40") and slide the sheath back on one end, exposing the core. cut about 1" off the core. now the sheath is about 1/2" too long on each end, and you can melt the sheath and seal the end. this will also make the cord easier to thread into the hex. on the larger size hexes you can fit the knot inside the hex to make it less bulky.
  12. Hey that ain't that Adamson guy is it?
  13. I use a construction hard hat. It was super cheap, OSHA approved for overhead impacts, it's light, needs no chin strap, and I have to wear one just like it everyday anyway. No it's not UIAA approved, but neither am I.
  14. Well I will probably head over to the Lutz about 8:30. I don't got no hair, an I ain't no Reedie. I'll probably be with another fella who ain't got no hair nuther, although he's got more'n me.
  15. How about the Lutz tavern, 45th and Woodstock?
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