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  1. ive seen several gaper trails up to the false summit on adams and ive heard of a few brave ones going to the top. its illegal but whose gonna stop them. do you know how hard it is to shoot a snowmoblier going 50 mph? well it took 3 shots. hehehe i believe its illegal to go above tree line or about ~6000 ft. also the whole east side is on the reservation and its illegal to take sleds over there... still people do. you know its even harder to shoot an arrow at a sled going 50, me and my squaw unloaded a whole quiver on one, no luck. were going to town to trade for some of them boom-sticks...
  2. you can get one of those straps used for patellar tendinitis and wear it about 2" above the knee cap or where it feels most comfortable. this can relieve some of the pain. also they make machines the are used to massage knee tendon problems with ultra sonic sound waves...they only cost a couple thousand dollars, but they work really well. i know from personal experience with patellar tendinitis. my trainer at college had me on that treatment everyday before practice. if you have access to a college training facility i would really reccommend this. just dont hold it still for more than about 2 seconds or it will burn you from the inside out.
  3. i frequent hood river quite a bit and i thought that second wind was a new (sometimes seconds) and used goods store. is there anyway that you may have bought a second or used item? just a thought nick
  4. marmot makes some nice shit. im a broke college student or id buy them.
  5. thanks dan,i couldnt remember the name. have you seen the river? it is pretty amazing. also the caves in the area are worth checking out. another place to hike is another butte called " xxxx butte" it is south of bend. it offers great views of the area and lava beds. you can drive to the top or take the shuttle which is free. there is a hiking trail along the deschutes that ends at some pretty impressive falls. flat hike, couple of miles. if you want to drive a bit further go down to fort rock. it is an amazing chunck of rock in the desert.also check out hole-in-the-ground which is on the way to fort rock...fort rock and hole in the ground [ 04-07-2002: Message edited by: bballer44 ]
  6. you can start by hiking up black butte, which is within pissing distance of the ranch. it is a nice hike. great views of the sisters, broken top, bachelor, and the rest of the cascades up to mt. adams on a clear day. also there is river that emerges from a cave near there. it is called hole in the wall or something similar. go to ranger station in the town of sisters i think. they will set you up with some good stuff. i think most of the snow is melted from lower areas so hiking should be on dirt, rock, whatever... have a good time...it is a beautiful area [ 04-06-2002: Message edited by: bballer44 ]
  7. also there is a gate that is right after the pavement ends on the south climb road that will not be opened until most of the snow has melted from the road. this is to prevent the newly graded road from being damaged. i am guessing late june by the amount of snow up there. the road around the north side will probably be blocked a bit longer.
  8. i use my ice axe. it has a threaded hole on the top that i use to screw the camera onto with a small double threaded end. .05 cents at the hardware store.
  9. whooooooooaaaaaa!!! all hail the leader of the free and not free world ...salute
  10. helicopter i-84 to hood river, hang a right and go about 30 miles. it does take longer, but theres less traffic. its a nice drive through the hood river canyon, look for the ice flows on the way. also watch out for cops, they like to write tickets between hood river and about mt hood meadows. have fun
  11. are there any other 'good' bbs's out there for cascade climbers? just curious
  12. bballer44

    listen up

    quote: If my only contributions to this post are limited to making your neandrethal-like brow furrow in confusion while you attempt to spell words longer than "suck", then my work is rewarding. Of course, I could defecate, rub the product on a computer screen and see something more enlightening than your Down's Syndrome afflicted declarations of manliness that honestly only make you seem only more pathetic than you probably are. I said probably. sparky you crack me up. where the hell do you come up with that stuff? articulate writers should have a few beers before posting on here to level the field.
  13. sorry primate i have been unable to find someone that could do that. if you are still planning to go i would stop by the gas station to see if anyone is fueling up there sleds or even ask someone up at the snowpark. good luck.
  14. quote: i'll help contribute to the 23 by 4:20 by adding this totally worthless post. heheh -------------------- at the bottom of patience is heaven. me too
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