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  1. Club Pub 6/18

    I just got back into town from California, whats with the pub night next week? Are we in Tacoma next week the 25th? I'll go if its tacoma or Olympia
  2. Joshua tree Favs.

    If you want to try to clip a couple of bolt on a harder but well protected climb, try papawolsy (spelling?) its in hidden valley, its about 10b/c. I worked it a few times, the falls are not bad at all, very safe way to push yourself. I would also recomend room to shroom. one of my favorates, I may be their in april so maby I'll see you. josh
  3. Pub Club 5 March.....

    E-9 I'll be their about 7:30
  4. Accident at Vantage

    thats great to hear!
  5. Tribute to Warren Harding

    You sure about this? If so I am sadened by this. Just yesterday I was reading an interview with him and once again amazed by what he did back then. Climbing what was thought impossable, what a loss to the climbing world.
  6. Big wall climbing In April

    you are compleatly off topic as usuall. DRU
  7. HELP. Please.

    Nacho boy, What do you know anyways? You can't even get a girl friend
  8. 1/2 off guidebooks!

    Yea check it out. I dropped 65$ Could have bought a bunch more books. BUt I bought some backcountry sking and kayaking books.
  9. Big wall climbing In April

    Yea a WFR is a two week Wilderness First Responder first aid course. One step down from an EMT. thets Emergency Medical Technichin.
  10. Big wall climbing In April

    I am going to be taking a WFR course near the valley in mid april for two weeks. Thus I have the first couple of weeks of April free, and I want to climb some walls in the valley. Or if weather is poor, Possably Zion, or Moab. Interested? Nikonclimber@hotmail.com josh
  11. dividendz?

    I think the real ticket is one of those new fancy LED Tika Head lamps. For around camp, and to through in your pocket for those unplanned night decents.
  12. Accident at Vantage

    Thank you both for keeping us up to date on Jim's condition. I know both myself and my partner's prayers are with all of you! You did an great job Chad.
  13. 1/2 off guidebooks!

    Hey if anyone down around kent wants cheap books the old Pan'Pack (now a liquidation store) has lots of new overstocked mountianeers books, were talking new Becky guides, Extreem Alpinism, Messner... great deals and were talking you could fill a shopping cart full of them at $7 a pop.
  14. Beer With Cavey....

    Any down south people want to make a little mission to seattle tomorro night? Dwyaner, Trask? I would like to go, but don't want to drive by my self call me up (206)276-6591 josh
  15. Beer With Cavey....

    Where we havn' this thing tuesday? What city gets the honor?