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  1. Let's see those trip reports

    Sure, I'm man enough to apologize. I thought I did that (see my edited post at NWH) but let me know if you need anything else. BTW, to the extent people can look beyond labels of "hiker" or "climber" or the forum they hang out at, here is an example of the labeling feature I referred to. I think it's a good example of something positive that can result when people focus less on differences and put that energy into collaborative efforts. 360 Degree Panorama From Morningstar
  2. Let's see those trip reports

    Since you quoted me out of context originally I'll include the full context (what's in parentheses added for clarification): Myabe you should get (her) consent. You do realize this thread is hotlinked over at CC? Most of them (edited to emphasize "them" meaning those inclined to come over and create trouble) aren't very bright, but eventually they'll figure out the labeling feature. As I said, it doesn't excuse my initial poor choice of words but I think someone reading it objectively can see it wasn't intended to insult everyone here. If you're unwilling to give me the benefit of the doubt, well, I suppose it doesn't make sense for me to say much more about it.
  3. Let's see those trip reports

    Off White, I can see how you could misinterpret. Bad choice of words on my part and I will add that it was taken out of context. My intent was to refer to those inclined to come over to stir things up for the sake of a juvenile attention grab. Didn't intend to offend most of the folks here.
  4. Let's see those trip reports

    tvashtarkatena, I don't recall any GW thread you've posted in having been locked. There's about 15 GW threads over there. I recall 2 of them are locked (diabtribes re. Al Gore). We usually only lock threads that get way off topic, devolve into politics, or in which people are just taking shots at each other instead of contributing to the discussion. BTW, enjoyed your trip reports over there. Isn't this thread about trip reports? Sorry to intrude again. Out of here.
  5. Let's see those trip reports

    To clarify, Tazz is not a moderator at NWH. She decided she didn't need the hassle of moderating or the constant second guessing by wannabe refs. Not that it needs much moderation apart from those who seem to be a problem no matter what forum they post in. Sorry for the intrusion.
  6. Malachite Peak

    The easiest route is via the Maloney Ridge Road starting at 3750' and involves no brush. Park at the end of the road just past Evans lake, walk back 100' or so toward Evans Lake to find a steep fisherman's trail heading straight up the ridge (slightly overgrown for the first 100 yards, but opens up quickly). Follow it all the way to the top of the ridge, then down to the pass at 5100' where it drops 600' to Rock Lake. Traverse the talus 100' or so above the west shores of Rock Lake (not the east ridge Beckey suggests) up to the tarn at 5278', then SE to the pass above Panorama Lake. From here it's all talus to the pass above Purvis Lake. Drop from the pass and shoot for the snowfield, taking advantage of it as much as possible to avoid the choss (which you'll have to hit sooner or later to get up to the shelf leading to a short class 3-4 scramble to the summit). http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/download.php?id=2816
  7. Crotch Rot - Ya gotta be shittin' me

    Hey, Tom take your sniviling punk ass back over to nw.wankers and quit acting like a bitch. Will do Gina, but let me leave you with something that might help with words like sniviling.
  8. Crotch Rot - Ya gotta be shittin' me

    Hey trask, good to hear from you again. Good luck with the manzere search.
  9. question regarding Topo! CD-ROMs

    File, Export Map to Disk, Save as JPEG
  10. US warns of Syria sanctions

    Nah, closer to Alfred E.
  11. what would Hans blix say

    More proof
  12. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    Very interesting. I took the test and initially got a 142. Out of curiousity, I hit my back button and changed the answers to the few questions I wasn't 100% sure about, then hit enter to see my revised score, doing so one at a time. In every case but one my score dropped (meaning the original answer was correct). I missed the grape vs. coconut in case anyone thinks I'm attempting to highlight my intelligence. Correcting this changed my score to 144, which I believe is the maximum possible score. If you look at the normal distribution of IQ scores, you'll see that the tails flatten at 144. In order to statistically capture the tails they would need to ask more than 40 questions so I call bullshit on Dru. It's not difficult to demonstrate. I'll supply the answers that score 144 and if Dru can indicate which ones are incorrect (not necessarily give the answers) leading to a score of 167 I'll change my avatar to a dunce cap for a month. Otherwise I suggest Dru do the same for attempting to inflate his score here, among other things.
  13. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    167 up three points from last time i took test. Hey Dru, let me get this straight. Are you saying you got 167 on this test?
  14. Got this as a gift, but I already have 2 headlamps. New. Asking $20. REI Product Link