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  1. I just got a job as Park Ranger patrolling the Half Dome Trail and Little Yosemite Valley. I'll be spending most of my day on the Half Dome cables checking permits and rescueing tourists. Any recomdation on a good approach shoe or hiking shoe that are comfortable with 30-45 lbs loads and good traction for 45 degree granite slabs? Currently,I own an old pair of Montrail CTC's and Asolo 540 GV boots. Thanks
  2. After baking all day in the Texas heat. I went to the video store to find some entertainment. What did I find? Eiger Sanction? nope. Cliff Hanger? No, shirtless Rocky action. K2? If only I was that lucky. No, the new greatest mountaineering film of all time is SUBZERO. Think the best parts of Vertical Limit (bad CG veiws of K2,nitroglycerin, and the fall in the beginning) and a bad C+ straight to video army flick (like US Navy Seals). Speaking of Vertical Limit, they stole footage from it. The best climbing moves are a simul aid and jug on one rope, and a crawl across a flat snow field with ice axe assistance. For your classical sterotype there is a tortured with guilt Buddhist monk/climber. The black "greatest point man on earth" dies in base camp making coffee. Well. everyone enjoy the and . I can't wait to get out of this hell hole.
  3. mtnrgr

    Moving Back to WA

    I've mainly trad climb, but I hope I have the time for more Alpine this time around.
  4. mtnrgr

    Moving Back to WA

    I got a choice of where I can be stationed in WA. With a climbing prespective should I go to Ft. Lewis or Yakima/ Ellensburg? My wife needs to finish her anthropolgy Degree. How is CWU? Or should I try to get her into a Western WA school. Hope to join y'all at a pub club soon
  5. I'm still stuck in North Carolina. Do any of you know where I can find theaters and time. I've tried fandago and can't find a single theater playing it. So can any of you computer savy individuals help me out. I'll have to see y'll at pub club next time I'm out west.
  6. It is intresting after over 200 yrs how Washington's farwell address still affects the pysche of the american people. Isolatinism and appeasment have goten the US and the world in far more trouble than a few years of peace is worth. Anyone remember Czechasolvkia? It will be my friends and comrades, my brothers, who will be storming through the desert. I respect and value your right to protest. However, don't put on a circus, make some kind of alternative plan. A circus just dishonors our fallen soldiers. I want to remind you that these two oceans which have protected and isolated us for our entire history, do not protect us anymore. I don't see an invading army sailing into the Pugent Sound, but we are the target of many groups. I say groups instead of nations, because they have no nation, no law, no UN deligation. Talk can get you only so far. Appeasment can only get you so far. Isolationism will only get you sucker punched. Sometimes to make Peace you have to prepare for War. P.S. For anyone who wonders what my auto-sig means: "To Free the Oppressed." It is the motto of the Special Forces and it says what we stand for.
  7. You seem to know alot there trask. Didn't think you were the army type. I'm glad and disapointed I'm not there. I really don't like the sandbox and NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) scares the shit out of me. But on the other hand I keep on missing all the wars. I'll be in school for the next 2 years, hopefully Bush won't get replaced by some Clinton-esque pussy. cheers to all of you working now.
  8. All of you better show up in Redmond! I know all of you out there in the ether world would hate to miss one last time to see a stud like me. I leave Friday for Ft. Bragg, NC. to start the "Q" course.
  9. This is how I survive my forced marching: thin liner socks and thorlos. If you have sweaty feet like me, use foot powder. Just remember to use it after applying moleskin/tape. To keep moleskin on I have to use tincture of Benzoin and duct tape. Test out the benzion before prolonged use because it may cause a nasty allergic reaction!
  10. That's all true from my experence. I know why the Isrealis walked over the entire Arab world in 6 days. They are horrilbe soliders.
  11. Thanks for all the beta! I'll be moving to Bragg in the spring, but my training schedule will be insane for awhile. I'll definetly be looking for partners on my 4 day weekends.
  12. quote: Originally posted by z: And a high level anti-terrorist police force similar to FBI's HRT with wider scope and goals. According to an Executive order (I think made by Carter) U.S. military forces are not allowed to act in police roles inside the US. Nor are they able to assassinate foriegn officials. The US still has to follow our own constition and laws. We don't need more covert paramilitary groups. HRT works great in the States, and other units work overseas. We need better intellingence, ecspecially HUMINT, for these units to proform properlly.
  13. I have a pair of Jublo's I bought from opticus. I love them. Cost me about $300 though.
  14. I just got back from Green Beret Selection, and am on my way to becoming a Special Forces medic. The only problem I need to find some good places to climb in North Carolina. Anyone out there have any route suggetions for southern trad near (within 4 hrs) Fayettville/Ft. Bragg, NC.
  15. Anyone want to break my ice cherry? I'll be back from hickland in mid-november
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