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Everything posted by Dru

  1. Isn't it "Bacon Butty"? Butty being short for buttered bread.... Not that I would ever expect Americans to understand English
  2. Springtime! Spriiiiiingtiiiiiime!

    johnny tuff, you sound suspiciously like dr. flash amazing. record breaking cold this weekend!
  3. "Pacific Northwest Trail"

    Can you use mules like on the Oregon Trail, or are mules aid?
  4. w00t!!!

    From Climbing.com
  5. nope

    stemalot, Shaun and I tried to climb secret alpine objective today Too warm! Even tho it was -7C in Abbotsford at 7 AM. We got our asses served to us 1/3 of the way up the route and bailed.
  6. nope

    Google image search for rognon is fascinating! Work safe
  7. Spences Bridge - Goldpan Ice

    How did Crucible look?
  8. [TR] Chair Peak- N. Face 2/19/2006

    how was it climbing in your bunny slippers
  9. big four

    i don't think any of those dots are people, there are dots the same size all over the face.
  10. favorite graemlins

    what about for me huh
  11. New form of ice found

    i read somewhere they are up to ice XII now and there are some forms they know must exist from atmospheric halos, but have not yet been able to make in the lab
  12. MEC Tactic pants.

    I have been using these for only a few weeks but already I am a fan. Picked them up to replace or supplement my Arcteryx Gamma SV bibs which have several crampon and sharp stick holes in the legs. The Tactics are your basic Powershield Light pants. They have drawstrings at the cuffs and a low-profile belt. Much less heavy than the Gamma SVs. warm enough to simply wear over polypro boxers in -10c although my legs did get cold when i sat around for 20 minutes doing nothing.. you could always wear'em over long johns to deal with that. Best of all is the price, $160 CDN, why pay more for a logo? MEC
  13. MEC Tactic pants.

    bibs are so 2000
  14. nope

    a rognon is a type of sheep
  15. When i was a Newbie, I wondered...

    I'll pencil you in in the "doesn't know" category then.
  16. congrats to Rat and SpecialEd!!

    Which one of them is the female soloist?
  17. Overhyped Routes

    This House of Sky is unrepeated? Ohmygod! Speaking of overhyped routes what about that one in Kookipi Creek you keep begging people to do, Mike?
  18. Overhyped Routes

    He misspelled "atheistic". It means "godless"
  19. Lazy Monday

    I got bouted yesterday and today I have to put the new cover on my TPS report.
  20. Maybe it's a randkluft
  21. When i was a Newbie, I wondered...

    You don't know, do you?
  22. Lazy Monday

    Everbody's out trying to get their superduper secret alpine projects done before the snow starts falling.
  23. Another Olympic First

    What if they solo a nontechnical mountain route and someone else uncages their soul??