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  1. Hey Blake if you want those two ropes of mine you can have them. and I have an extra rap device too, and a few old clunker lockers too. PM me if you want directions to my house and you can have them.
  2. Yeah, no core shots or anything. The main issue with the 60m static and the reason I am retiring it is because the sheath slippage at the end of rappels is getting annoying. I suppose you could cut 20 or so feet of it off though. Hmmm. I say go for it.
  3. Mpaul_hansen and Dane, PM's sent. Yes, The skiing was too good this weekend.
  4. Going skiing tomorrow. Will update again friday afternoon. Hopefully will determine the fate of the x-bows then. Also will re-count available cams. -dt
  5. I am interested. What's the asking price? I need the skins as well. $100 for skis/skins. Skins are older BD purple clipfix skins. I think they have lost a bit of their snazzy out-of-the-box stickyness. I can send pics if you need. -DT
  6. I agree with you. But you should see the harness it replaced...
  7. I have 5 Gal of once-used soybean oil if anyone wants it to make fuel with. Its yours if you come pick it up.
  8. I live in bellingham and would prefer to sell locally. Just updated Feb 4 to get rid of clutter. Dynafit Aero Freeride rando boots - four buckle kind from last year. Used 40+ days last season. Size 28 mondo. $150 obo. 5.10 v-mile rock shoes size 11. Used 4 days. sole is in great condition. $65. La Sportiva vipers (old style - orange). size 40.5. Very used, right shoe should get a resole soon. Make offer for some cheap shoes. La Sportiva Mythos very used - right shoe needs resole - size 41.5. FREE if you come pick them up. BRAND NEW IN BOX black diamond half-dome helmet - bluish color. $40. NEW but in my closet for three years: BIBLER BIVI SACK regular size, green fabric. Still has a tag on it. $125 Black Diamond Arc Angel 190cm Telly skis with older BD cartridge bindings on them. No skins included. Black Diamond 00 (red) and 0 (yellow) C4 camalots (from three or four years ago). Used. $15 each OBO. Old style (U-stem) BD green camalot (0.75). New sling sewn on it at BD. $20 OBO. 2 Smiley 17cm ice screws, (like BD screws but not express). Quite used but still functional. Make offer. 1 Old school grivel 22cm screw - very used but you could bail on it if you wanted, or make yourself a can opener. make offer. 1 used BD 17cm regular (non express) screw. quite used. Make offer. The Old 11mm 60m climbing rope. Good shape. Use it for rugs, towing cars, or whatever dangerous activities you might want for it. Don't sue me if you kill yourself with it though. FREE (but beer would be nice). 60m of 8mm static line. Used a bit for fixing lines, tagging, etc. Sheath is slipping a bit. Good for towing cars, clotheslines, etc. Don't climb on it. FREE Random USB cables for digi cameras, peripherals, etc. Free if you want them. Minidisc player w/a bunch of discs. Free or tell me where I should recycle this ewaste.
  9. updated 1-28 Helmet sold scarpa slippers sold harness given away boots pending
  10. Interesting idea, but I wonder if it could be something else... The higher you go on colfax, the less steep the average slope angle. Perhaps because of this, the upper N face (and small pocket snowfields) get a little more exposure to solar radiation - at least at this time of year. Despite the small size of those snowfields, post-storm accumulations near ridge-top are bound to be both significant and short-lived (do to frequent temperature fluctuations from warm SW flow to cooler NW flow). Topography is a critical parameter in heat flow distribution. One might suggest that even though Colfax lies close to a volcanic center (but still separated by several miles), it - being a topographically significant peak - would dissipate geothermal energy at a greater rate than flat ground - or for that matter, valleys and depressions - therefore causing Colfax (and virtually all other mountains) to have a lower than average geothermal heat flux.
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