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[TR] The Wapta Traverse - Peyto to Sherbrooke and lots in between 4/20/2016

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Trip: The Wapta Traverse - Peyto to Sherbrooke and lots in between


Date: 4/20/2016


Trip Report:

In mid-April, at the height of the existential electoral malaise sweeping the country, five Skagitonians trekked to the Great White North on the first ever "Make Canada Great (Again?)" International Alpine Trump rally. Why the Wapta you might ask? That's a good question that we still don't know the answer to. We do know that we had perfect weather the entire trip (six days!) with the sun high in the sky each day, mimicking the golden glow of Trump's tan. It was an omen that we were on a divine mission to spread a special sort of ignorance to our kind (and very white!) neighbors to the North.


In the end, we were able to shout the good news from the mountaintops of Baker, Habel, Rhonnda, St. Nicholas (no presents up there, we looked), Olive, and Balfour, while sleeping in the highly adequate accommodations provided by the ACC. However, we ran into very few converts on this first ever international Trump rally- much to our dismay. While the Canadians were polite, they seemed quite distrustful of the coming tanned savior. Except for one guy. His steely gaze, small hands, and healthy sled dogs (Truth and Valor) marked him as someone who understands power and the love of a trophy woman. His name was Justice Bowie.


Justice convinced us that the plush alpine accommodations, lack of brush, good weather, and general pleasant ski terrain had forever taken the edge off our (very white!) brethren to the North. It was almost as if they were (gasp!) European. Well, they do have a Queen so it sort of makes sense. That's the first thing they're going to have to take care of if they want to be Great (Again?). Next, they're going to have to do something about that food. And the beer. Justice is working on it right now, I'm sure.


































































Gear Notes:

Hunter oats for the ponies


Approach Notes:

Some sort of planks for the up and down. Make sure the lakes are frozen.

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As is the case with the photos in 99% of TR's I would never recommend the author/photographer quit his/her day job. But Jesus, with your photos, I would highly recommend you quit your day job and shoot more photos to share with the rest of us more often!


Thanks for posting this.

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Yes Jason, those are nice photos. I don't think you should quit your day job yet, but do you think I should quit mine?

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Ha! Thanks all, but Zak is right, I need to keep my day job. He should probably keep his too. I've got a long way to go to reach the big leagues.


Glad you all like the photos, we really got lucky with the weather and conditions. This was my third trip up on the Wapta and I guess what they say is right.


Time to go back for the Bow-Yoho now that they have that new hut!

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Great TR Jason! That was an awesome trip. Justice Bowie was watching over the crew. He must like the folks from the Skag!

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