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  1. This is free. Just come get it in Ballard. It's currently in 3 pieces, the 4x8 piece of 3/4" plywood and the 2 supports. There is a black rubber mat that fits the bottom as well. If you want it, you gotta take all the pieces. I cannot transport it for you. I had built this for pull-ups and to eventually add rock and ice climbing holds etc on it. It's solid enough to be the base of a much higher extension, which was my original plan. It won't fit in my current apt so need to get rid of it.
  2. Heading up there in a few hours. If you don't hear from me again, just assume the Coleman got us
  3. Nice work homie! We were on NF a few days prior with similar, excellent ice conditions!! 2 weeks before that I tried to get up DKH and it was completely bare. Just shitty rock.
  4. Yeah, no fucking guides... err unless they just need a solid partner:) If our goals and skill levels align, I am also looking for 2018 Denali/Ruth partners. Yeah, Ham and Eggs, but also want to get up high, Cassin ideally.
  5. If our goals and skill levels align, I am also looking for 2018 Denali partners. I am planning to take two weeks off sometime in June depending of how the weather between now and then. Ideally a west buttress or west rib acclimatization hike will lead to a Cassin attempt. Backup plan could be lower elevation Ruth Gorge objectives.
  6. Camp Pulse Helmet $30 Size: L Color: Red Condition: Perfect, only used on 2-3 climbs, never been hit Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet $20 Size: L Color: Red Condition: Good, 10-20 crag days, never been hit OR Expedition Crocodile Gaiters $30 Size: L Color: Black Condition: Perfect, only used on 2-3 climbs OR Crocodile Gaiters $25 Size: L Color: Red Condition: Perfect, never used
  7. Yes, this is happening tomorrow (7/21) at 6pm at RB. 3 of us so far, all are welcome!
  8. Great pics! Especially that misty one with the climber standing behind the knife ridge!! (6th one down) This route is so fucking awesome!!
  9. Looking for a partner for alpine on Sat and Sun... My route choices would be Jeff Park Glacier, Adams Glacier, Hood NF with Sunshine or Cooper Spur as a backup if the gullies are out, Casaval Ridge... Or any suggestions you might have. It looks like anything farther north will have iffy weather. Alex
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