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  1. they sure as shit would be disappointed in the return...unless they were the right kinda depraved, and were around for just the right 10 n' 1/2 seconds my favorite reid solo was topping out on the west crater rim n' immediately falling 500 feet into the crater in the full site of 100 totally disinterested tourons on the hogsback...fuck, sure wish i'dve a camera for that so i coulda sued them backwater bitches
  2. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    summit or death... or just smokes n' giggles seem to recall i got 3 outta 4 that day, plus a half pound of bacon...
  3. current song in your head

    from the time i could talk i was ordered to listen
  4. my fav route on the mtn hopefully somebody gave you shit for having a camera mounted on yer head
  5. sure ole'laurence of arabia looked and acted the part of a jedi on occasion the force appears to have been w/ you
  6. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    where are the milosh-k's of yester-year?
  7. festivus in february

    rounded curbs
  8. festivus in february

    the norden bombsight
  9. festivus in february

    bactrian camels
  10. festivus in february

    seat belt reminder chimes
  11. festivus in february

    single ply toilet paper
  12. festivus in february

    the smell my climbing shoes acquire after only a few weeks of use
  13. festivus in february

    unsalted butter
  14. festivus in february

    unsweetened chocolate
  15. festivus in february

    the italian campaign, 1943-45