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  1. Where is it?

  2. Spitting Cobra ~200 m WI4, the "previously unclimbed" line left of Tradewinds
  3. Tradewinds on the right, top of Spitting Cobra in the middle at top, top of Tailwind on the left (new photo uploader is good!)
  4. Tradewinds as seen from the highway, Jan. 2017

    Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, BladeRunner 2049) is remaking Dune next. Here's betting we see more sandworms before we see more Tauntauns.
  6. 1 week - end of march - alpine where?

    Pretty much anything with mountains, that aren't too high, in late March. Like on the Parkway the alpine climbing season is often better in April and early May than it is in late March. Hence the "not too high" thing. Four months out is basically too much of a crap shoot to predict good conditions. You'd be better off just booking the time off now and then figuring out where you're gonna go, a week in advance.
  7. Any recommendations for a pack raft?

    Alpackas are much better than Kokopellis for whitewater. That's my take. Kokopellis are more for lake fishing.
  8. Where is it?

    It may have been an iain custom job that was never on a cc.com server.
  9. Are 80 m ropes going to be the new norm?

    80ms are for guys who are insecure about their 70m
  10. sprayers

  11. First!