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  1. Bear Mountain: The Diamond

    Can anyone draw in the line of Diamond Life on the same photo?
  2. Steven Hawkings

    I always liked his nerdcore rap battle with MC Frontalot
  3. OK. I will see if I can find them there
  4. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    So much discussion of risk is only "just-so stories". I survived because my risk decision making process and resultant acceptance of the risk of my activities was accurate, and somebody else died because they made a mistake. Except that that's horseshit. I got lucky many times. I fell off the north Apron 3rd class walk off ledge on a wet patch and caught myself on a tree at the lip of Voodoo Amour with my legs over the edge. I put a crampon through my gaiter on the approach ice to Cascade and slid for 100 m before self-arresting with a desperate overhand in the only patch of snow and turf on an otherwise entirely icy slab. I stopped for lunch or a snack twice only to have cornice collapses come down right where I would have been if I kept on going while climbing alpine routes. Any of those could have killed me. I wager everyone that's climbed has stories of close calls like that. Lucky isn't a learned behaviour. And it's nothing to moralize about.
  5. bump. would be great if the photos on this one worked again. i know marc-andre himself downgraded the original matrix line to 12d after climbing more 13 slabs in squamish, but it still blows my frickin' mind that he bolted a 12d mostly free on the lead at 16/17 years old
  6. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    It's great we have this thread with bob talking about how safe paragliding is so if he dies paragliding we can use it to shit-talk him.
  7. What causes this rock pattern?

    looks like a calcite intrusion. do a fizz test
  8. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    You know what, it's OK to acknowledge that you are sad when your friend is dead, no matter what behaviours they exhibited when alive. 100% of life still ends in death. some people post tributes to lost friends. bob posts long PMs telling people that their dead friends were somehow unworthy. both are coping mechanisms. i'll still be sad when bob dies.
  9. sounds like a challenge?

    orange druids visit Douchehenge
  10. Music at your Memorial Service

    Turning this up today even though I hate it
  11. The Internet is Broken

  12. Marc and partner missing in AK

    sounds like it's cleared up enough for an afternoon search.
  13. The Internet is Broken

    Hello... Do not regard on my illiteracy, Im from India. I installed the malicious program on your OS. After that I pilfered all private information from your device. Withal I received a little bit more evidence. The most important evidence that I thieftend- its a video with your masturbation. I installed malicious software on a porn site and then you downloaded it. The moment you selected the video and tapped on a play, my malicious software at once loaded on your device. After adjusting, your camera shoot the videotape with you self-abusing, furthermore it captured the porn video you selected. In next week my deleterious soft collected all your social and work contacts. If you need to eliminate the records- transfer me 309 euro in BTC(cryptocurrency). I provide you my Bitcoin address - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You have 24 hours after reading. When I get transaction I will destroy the video in perpetuity. Differently I will forward the record to all your contacts.