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Stolen Gear


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A good friend of mine had her rental house broken into over the weekend. They emptied the garage of her mountain bike and all her frown.gif climbing gear. She's a teacher and unfortunately had no renter's insurance. I know that bike shops will not purchase a used bike without some proof of ownership but they could always dump it on a pawn shop for a few dollars. But the climbing stuff is so specialized it seems the only place to get money for it would be a used gear shop. I was going to suggest she drop a list of the stolen gear at Second Ascent and have them keep an eye out. Any other suggestions?

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call the police


find photographs of her with the gear for id purposes

occasionaly peruse pawn shops

leave a note down at some climbing gyms looking for the exact gear, do not say it was stolen. maybe the person will see it and call in an attempt to sell it

walk around her neighborhood and look in the trash and bushes, climbing gear really has little resale value and must theives do not know what it is.



everyone should mark their gear with PAINT or FINGER NAIL polish...that tape shit....it dumb and easily removed. i paint the lettering on my gear.......





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I used to put a piece of paper in the head tube of my bike that said "this bike was stolen" with my phone number so if it was taken into a shop at some point I might get it back. Not sure if there is a way to do this with climbing gear...probably not. The head tube thing was a long shot anyways.

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There must be SOME outlet for the purloined gear. The weekend my car was broken into and gear stolen at Snoqualmie Pass there were twenty + similar incidents. If there weren't an outlet, it wouldn't be worth the effort. (only climbing gear was removed from the car, everything else, including a thinly hidden wallet remained.)The police say it's just too prevalent to follow up on. Do make sure you make sure that we and our friends buy used gear only from known sources.

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