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My recent, not so good, experience at Index

Sean C

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i've found over the years the best way not to get your shit fucked w/ at index is to use only really, really old n' beat up gear and drive a really shitty car w/ nothign but cigarette butts n' crushed pbr cans in it :)

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I agree with ivan but its NOT just Index and its NOT just climbers. Every serious outdoors person has to have a trailhead car that they can live without or can repair or just get a ride. The challenge of overcoming the parking issue by crafty parking and walking is small compared to what we do in climbing in general. How far from Index town to the parking area? You can do it! We all also take on financial challenges with gear, travel, beer, and other fun and frivolity in climbing parking your car and leaving gear is a risk. Incorporate that into your budget because it will happen from time to time. I have had windows broken, stereos stolen, gear stolen, and etc. I had a stereo stolen the same day I replaced it. None of this happened at Index. This shit happens all over the place worldwide. Deal with it.


And I climbed a bunch at Granite Mountain in Arizona and never had anything stolen. Because it is a popular trailhead (many eyes), several mile hike in, and the way to the climbing site is not popular. But a Right Guard commercial was filmed there in the late 70s when they closed things down for commercial purposes. And two popular climbs are Magnolia Thunder Pussy and Beaver Cleaver (above a sharp arête). AZ is really no different than many other areas. Shit happens. Parking is always secure at the malls. And your valuables are also safe when wearing a fanny pack while strolling the mall.

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