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  1. That's a huge bummer. I feel fortunate we didn't have to deal with anything like that. Sorry to anyone who was involved.
  2. Yeah I don't know the route or what time it was but I asked some people that evening if they'd seen some cams.
  3. I'm not at all suggesting that the climbers here are jerks, as I mentioned in my original post most of the people we met were super friendly. I know it's a busy crag too but I've been to quite a few other extremely popular climbing areas across the country and never come close to having multiple unfriendly encounters in one weekend. I also don't want to say that I'd never go back. I'm probably still just a little frustrated at the whole situation. Having this many issues in one weekend kind of turns me off to the area when I can go somewhere where I don't have to worry about my stuff every second I'm climbing. But like I said, maybe we just got unlucky for our first visit. The thieving happened on Saturday sometime between 6-9 PM. It was fairly empty at the time. It must have been climbers because I found the marking tape from the gear peeled off next to my pack... not sure if meth heads care too much about marked gear. EDIT: The pieces were brand new Metolius off-set master cams yellow/orange with an orange biner and orange/red with a red biner. Sean
  4. I recently just visited Index from Arizona for the first time per recommendations from various people who have climbed there. The climbing was definitely high grade and we had a great time on the routes we did. Most of the people we met were also very nice but there were a few instances we had of people being complete jerks to us or others for reasons that did not warrant such reactions. I won't go into details but these were for reasons as small as having to wait in line for a popular route (on a Sunday). I was pretty surprised to see this as I have never run into (multiple) climbers acting this way towards others. The really shitty thing was having two brand new cams stolen out of my backpack at the base of Godzilla while we did the link up. I know this probably doesn't happen often (I hope) at Index but I just couldn't believe that someone would go through someone else's pack while they were climbing and steal stuff. I wanted to say that I had a great experience at Index when leaving but I don't think I will ever be back or recommend the area to anyone else. Hopefully this isn't a common occurrence and we just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just wanted to make everyone aware of our experience. Sean
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