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Banks Lake Ice Report


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We climbed at Banks on Saturday, the 4th.

Here is what we saw:


The Cable is 30 feet from touching down.


H2O2 needs a lot of filling in.


Lots of good ice in PeeWees playground. I climbed here last week and it was great- took good screws.


We climbed Brush Hell, I think? and a nice steep pillar to the left that has a cave behind it. Both climbs were good and protected well. There are some really steep fun moves off icicles over the steep roof in this picture.


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I was there again today with Joe. Zenith is in! It looks a little heads-up at the thin pillar, but looks do-able.




H2O2 could probably be climbed now, although a little thin where the pillar touches down. The Cable has not changed. Lots of fat ice at Punchbowl, PeeWees, Brush Bash, More Banks Ice...

Banks Lake ice is building fast this week, although the warm weekend will hurt. I think if it cools off next week things will fatten up nicely.

Today was nice and cold and stayed high 20's all day despite the forecasted warm temps.

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I was out there with Jason Baker and TJ Anderson. We did H2O2 and Zenith. Both were in great shape albeit difficult conditions. We led everything on Zenith except for the middle piller. It would be stout for the Will Gadd type. Super day though and I would expect it to be all about gone in today's rain and high temps. When we left the canyon yesterday my car said it was 47 degrees. Zenith_3.jpgH2O2.jpgZenith_21.jpgZenith_21.jpg

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Heads up if anyones going out there I imagine there's quite a bit of stuff falling. The showering water and ice wasn't bad when we started but by the end of the day it gained speed! My first experience with the zenith that is an awesome route hope it can survive and come back this season.

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I have seen some very recent pics that show Banks is in very similar (extremely thin) shape that coldiron's pics also show from last month. Cable is mostly a dry-tooling/thin ice problem right now, Zenith is very thin but connected for those hardmen out there, and some other thin stuff. It's certainly cold enough, just not a lot of water.

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