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  1. You can xc ski up any of these drainages. Distances have been lengthened due to recent and forthcoming snow falls. Perhaps the best option would be the strawberry falls down in Grant county. Here you could drive towards the strawberry campground and still perhaps make it to the gate low on the road. From there it is a few miles to the trail and then another few miles to the falls which has half dozen safe and interesting routes to choose from; none of which exceed 30 meters.
  2. Did you get to climb? From the upper county road sign (public lands boundary) it is 1.5 boot to the pine creek headwall above the reservoir. 2.5 will get you to the east facing rock creek buttes north ridge which has many good steeper lines in right now. Also for those who are interested, rock creek drainage is in good shape. The road is more reasonable and the climbing is in. Take the rock creek lake trail (road 250) and follow the boot tracks into the upper drainage for the alpine bucket lake routes- 3 hours- or head up to the obvious pillar route above the trail where you will find nicotine free 4+, roll over immediately left M7 traditional and tobacco gully further right, a long aesthetic 3 in a corner all of which should deliver a good day with varied climbing. If you go do not attempt to drive down road 250, park at a wide spot a little further down and walk that part, 5 mins to the trail proper. Once it starts hammering snow these will be out for a while. Good hunting and perhaps I will see you in there! Mark-
  3. Hey Fellas, The roads to get to these ice venues are very tricky 4x4 only jeep trails. If you decide to come out here and visit keep in mind that you will need a sturdy 4x4 with high clearance, chains for all four, skills in driving off-road style steep rocky tracks and tools to get yourself unstuck if you fall short. Living here and climbing in those mountains for decades has given me the opportunities when conditions are good to choose a mode of transportation that works. Later in the season we will switch to snow mobiles but those too are tricky to operate in that terrain and there are MAJOR slide paths that have to be negotiated. At one point the pine creek road crux is just below a restriction near the base of a 2200 foot slide path and this is where you will end up stuck and digging nervously as there is no escaping if it slides. The routes can be fun, almost always form but if I did not live here, I would go to Canada as the climbing isn't really that worthy for the effort; short. Hope this helps! Mark Hauter-
  4. Here are a few potential climbing options at relatively high elevation over in northeastern Oregon. If these come together this coming season I will post conditions for those interested.
  5. Let me know when or if that comes together for the approach, im willing to help out with that. I don't get on here too much so text would be best- 541-701-7860. Mark Hauter-
  6. Dave Jensen has established some of the toughest routes in the state and was an incredibly bold climber. Perhaps the names should reflect that talent...just saying- Good work on your new routes-
  7. Look along the shores near Bandon.
  8. vert


    It is possible during December if you have a solid high pressure system in place. Check the weather. If the sun is out you can climb and the south face of the flat iron is a great winter crag. Climbs tend to be easier on the right side of the face. While there are a few committing routes on the cliff, most are VERY well protected, almost confusingly so. Long runners and bolt skipping are fun though and the rock is most enjoyable. Good camping at Allison creek; hike up the trail and find a tight left path just before the third creek crossing. When you are ready to head to Ouray, you can then escape east by following the road signs to Cambridge and hwy 95 then back out to 84 in southern Idaho. A bundle or two of wood will make the long nights pass in comfort. It is a beautiful location. Have a fun journey-
  9. Hello eastern Washington climbers, I am also new to this area and am also looking for people to climb with. Been living here for work but am very familiar with the climbing in north eastern Oregon and find myself returning there often for it. With all the info floating around on this site I would definitely be interested in checking out ice soon in this state as well; especially around the coulees if it freezes. For those in the know around here, is there a crag closer than 60 miles away on accessible lands? I would love to find a scrappy cave for dry tooling; also does anyone have a climbing wall (for fingers and feet) they are willing to share in town? Do you like beer? I can also return the favor with uncrowded climbing trips to the east on ice, mixed and rock. Give me a shout here and much appreciated!! Mark Hauter-
  10. vert


    See you there!!!
  11. Being an ice climber and living in the Northwest can be brutal; it can leave you wondering about wandering. Following are some images from an Oregon ice climb that I hope provides some inspiration. Enjoy. The Afterimage in the Strawberry Range. First pitch December 2009. The crux looms above. Last pro for twenty feet or so. Delicate moves on loose rock to reach the ice on pitch two. Good ice on pitch three. Top anchors have some history, these trees are sturdy! I have known Steve for a long time, we do not climb together much but when we do it is always a good outing. Rapping from the top. My favorite shot! This exemplifies the steep terrain of this route. It is not always in this rough of shape. Depending on the year, it can be a solid pure ice route. It is however always a serious outing, lots of avalanche terrain surrounding this climb. To approach, go to Prairie City and head south towards the mountains and Strawberry Lake. From the trail head it is another 3.5 miles and couple of thousand feet gain. The route is around 8000'.
  12. Cut an old pair of foot beds off ahead of the heel and barge cement them under the foot beds your using now. I had the same issues and this cured the problem.
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