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Cold Snap - Mountain Loop Highway Ice


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I was kayaking the Sauk (very poor choice on my part) during the last sustained November cold snap, and heard a rumor that Asbestos Creek Falls got climbed.


I can't recall the details - but it sounded like infinite/steppy grade II-III climbing. There's zero chance I'll get out there to check it out myself during this cold snap - but if someone is in the vicinity - it might be worth a look.


"Asbestos Creek Falls is one of the tallest front country waterfalls in the state of Washington, but it's not highly regarded due to its seasonal nature, and "off the beaten path" locale. The long series of falls lie just upstream of Clear Creek Road # 2060, which the creek flows both over and under, thanks to a washed out concrete slab. Prior to the floods of 2003, one could drive past the falls without noticing due to the significant recent growth in front of the falls. However, since the road has been washed out - and may close permanently about a mile before the falls, it'll be much harder to pass by without seeing anything. The height of the falls is a big question mark. While they likely stand close to 1000 feet tall, only about 500 feet of falls can be seen from the road. The odd shape of the gorge further up prevents viewing of the rest of the falls. The only truly full views of the falls would be from across the valley or from the air. The falls become much less impressive later in the year due to the small drainage area of Asbestos Creek."





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Thanks for the first-person report on Asbestos Creek Falls. Good to have some idea just how long and severe a cold snap will need to be to bring that into condition.


Can you remember if it actually came in during the last big cold-snap (I think it was either 2009 or 2010)?



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