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Alien Repair


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I have a friend in Yosemite who will fix them.


Bernie Rivadeneyra

PO Box 581

Yosemite CA 95389


He charges, for Aliens, $9 for each side of the trigger. So 18 if its totally blown. He charges $3 per side for all other manufactures. He asks that you send a self addressed postage paid return container for the cams.


He has fixed numerous cams for me and always does a great job. You can also send them to CCH but, they would probably loose it, and then say they never got it. CCH is way wacked.

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I found this post, but i'm not sending my alien to a 2 year old address!


anyone got the scoop?


if not i'm gonna use fishing line. weedwacker wire worked pretty f'in good on my b.d. cams.


p.s. why doesn't anyone want to climb with my rack?

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I had an Orange Alien from a batch that had bad stainless steel woven sleeves that blew. I sent it back to CCH and they had it for a couple of months and eventually sent it back repaired free of charge, but I did have to bug them a few times with email to get it back...

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well i think i did it. lets see how long it lasts. i found some heavy fishing line and threaded it and knotted one end. the major crux was tieing the knot on the other end so the line was tight enough. i tried vice grips (slips right out) holding the lobes closed and tieing the knot with my tongue. i got the knot tied with my tongue but when i let go, it still wasn't tight enough. so i tried to loosen the know and slide it closer to the hole. after much hand and mouth acrobatics, i gave up so i hunted around my room for a while to find a tight placement for it. finally i found a spot (my tape cassette holder) and was able to use both hands to tie a tighter knot. works sweet now!

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