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yeah; who doesn't?




No real snow, chossy rock, and you can't even camp for free without getting chased off by the rangers... I'd rather fly out there a couple times a winter to climb real ice, and live in a place where I can ski and climb real rock all in one week if I want to. tongue.gif

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Where would that be? Vail? France? Actually, France sounds pretty good.


Oh, yeah.. I was thinking Squamish. But I would have to agree, France sounds good too, then I could climb ice, rock, and ski all in the same season, as well as eat good food and wine. Ha! back to the original subject. tongue.gif

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There's good rock if you look for it, kinda like Squamish has bad rock if you look for it.


I did the NE (?) ridge of Ha Ling (Chinaman's) peak and was told that it was one of the most solid routes in the Rockies. I was never more scared of killing my belayer than on that route! shocked.gif Still in all it was fun. cantfocus.gif

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