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AT Suggestions?

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Hi There!


I am looking for suggestions for an "AT Starter Kit" to replace the system I'm using now, which consists of Silvretta Carbon bindings on a shitty pair of Elans, my Scarpa climbing boots, and a home-crafted upper-calf strap system that connects to near the tips of my skis.


I want to use the bindings on a more modern pair of skis and get a pair of AT boots. Something good for approaches, in the woods, boots that climb moderately well, and will ski reasonably well with a moderate pack. Weight, of course, should approach zero.


There are so many options out there it is bewildering. What works for you?

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What works for me:


Scarpa Maestrali Boots (the old Orange not the new more expensive white Maestrali RS), Dynafit Bindings with Brakes and a Fatish Ski with some rocker...I have Carbon BD Justices (111mm under foot) which are very stable, stay on top of difficult heavy snow and pivot and smeer quickly in tight trees etc. I also have a pair of 88 under foot skis with no rocker but never use them any more and might switch the bindings to something with rocker (but skinnier then the justice) to have a lighter setup that still handles soft and variable snow well.


Boots are the most important and the Scarpa Maestrali (and related models like the Rush) are relatively cheap and light and tour and ski better then most older models. There are lighter models that tour, walk and climb even better (dynafit TLT5, the sportiva's) but they cost more, can be colder and are only designed to work with dynafit/tech bindings though they may work with others.


The maestrali should work with your Silveretas but dynafit bindings are awesome in terms of weight, efficiency, reliability and safety release and you should upgrade if you can.


Ski wise I would get whatever light rockerd model >92mm under foot you can find on a good clearance from a brand like BD, Voile, G3, Sportiva etc...Sierra Trading post has some good options or you could buy used. Go a bit sort for maneuverability and weight...I'm on the 175 justice though I should ski the 185 by their chart and find them plenty of ski for anything but busting through cut up resort crud at speed.



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dane has been FB excited about the stuff available in the OR show. some kind of boot that weights 500g and good for everything except ballroom dancing. Maybe save up a years teacher pay for a REALLY good setup?

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