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Live in Troutdale and have been , checking out the gorge the last three days. Thers nothing in , if it was just alittle colder maybe, bush wacked up too Peters dome and one fang is in but looks thin and long its by Ainsworth park. Going too check it out again in the morning anyone want too join in???

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I was cruising through the gorge on the way back from a job interview with me trousers in full megamid mode at just how amazing the gorge would be if the was 20 degrees colder all winter. Hero ice everywhere. Dont know what this is called but i could tell you how to get there. As my approach was bushwacking in my one suit i limited the frozen mud groveling to lower 4th class. This guy appeared to be mainly the shitty globby shit WI2 you can bash stairs into but probably wont get any screws that could hold much, though its certainly downclimable if you are desperate, which we are because we are trying to ice climb in the gorge.P1030546.JPG

ps. all the spray freezes on the approach pebbles, prompting the proudest standing glissade of my life as my dress shoes shot down the slope. I also have some photos i could email of the other significant flow that looks like it might touch from the road, but does not. For some reason CC wont let me upload because the file is too big, which is strange because my camera sucks....


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I moved out to HR but work in Portland so drive by all of the regulars every day. As of Friday afternoon (even with the big freezing rain episode), some stuff may go but very thin. The main issue is that it is way above freezing during the day and there is a lot of flow. Some of the seeps further east look good and stuff around Exit 35. But I wouldn't even waste my time with mist or Crown Jewel. My only caveat is that I have not been by since 5pm on Friday, so if it stayed really cold all day today, some ice may go tomorrow early. I wouldn't get on it, but maybe I have become an ice snob in my old age, especially when you have some stellar ice not too far north in WA.

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Solo'd mist and a few other rambles in the gully above deer hunter. Mist is pretty thin and I wouldn't recommend hanging out at the base due to the projectiles from above. The rambles were fun and could probably be protected. I got a 16 cm v thread in solid ice. Overall fun day. Anything with water volume was no where close. Black dagger had a ton if ice on it. But not climbable in these temps. It was 34 out. Forecast doesn't look promising.



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