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Snowshoe Advice


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I'm looking to get some new snowshoes for the upcoming winter season. Any advice? I will be doing some decent uphill hiking (<35 degrees) with them, and will be doing a good amount of hikes through deep snow.


I have been looking at the MSR Evo Ascent shoes and the MSR Lightning Ascent shoes (although I was hoping not to spend $270 on these). Any advice? I recently saw a couple of Atlas models, but wasn't sure on them.

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The MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes are my favorite. They are worth the money in my opinion, and you might find them on sale or used on CL. They are light, comfortable, easy to pack, and most importantly climb well. I have used them on Mt Hood to the Hogsback.



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1) buy used

2) buy used

3) buy used


i think MSR are the best snowshoes. i bought some lighting ascents in 'fair' shape from the forum a few years ago for around $100. supposedly the lightning ascent have the better traction what with the rim of them being thin metal compared to the evos that are plastic and flat at the edge with metal teeth in the middle on the bottom. HOWEVER, when on a persons pack the Evo are always more compact it seems.


tho i dont think other brands are 'bad' MSR really seems to have the designed dialed in


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yes mine looked well used when i got them (paint scratched off, small rip in the deck fabric, torn eye in one of the tightening straps, etc) but have been totally reliable. i even ran over with my car and fixed it with a bent piece of aluminum and some rivets.


the evos i think are less prone to breaking also being a single piece of plastic vs the lightnings use that 'fabric' deck material which indeed can rip (though they are quite strong). also with traction i dont think the lightnings are be-all-end-all vs evos, maybe just a bit better. heel lift i think is more important for either.

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