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  1. Epic trip and awesome TR. Nice job crushing it guys. Definitely putting this on my list for next fall (at the latest). The variety is awesome.
  2. South Side of Adams - Info Request

    Perfect. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks guys. And Water - I share your thoughts about the business at the TH. Stop whining people.
  3. Did anyone head up the south side of Adams this past weekend? Wondering on - Road conditions - Snow conditions --> Lot of snow on trail? Postholing? Will I need any flotation? - Cold Springs CG conditions. Heard there was very little parking. Thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Snowshoe Advice

    I didn't even think about buying used. Good point. Thanks for the advice. Confirmed my thoughts.
  5. Snowshoe Advice

    I'm looking to get some new snowshoes for the upcoming winter season. Any advice? I will be doing some decent uphill hiking (<35 degrees) with them, and will be doing a good amount of hikes through deep snow. I have been looking at the MSR Evo Ascent shoes and the MSR Lightning Ascent shoes (although I was hoping not to spend $270 on these). Any advice? I recently saw a couple of Atlas models, but wasn't sure on them.