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Best AT skis


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I've been skiing the Voile BCs (fishscaled) for about a week now and think they are awesome. Have been able to cover quite a bit of ground on the scales, then throw on skins for steeper stuff. With the big rocker and nice width, they ski powder very well. I reckon much better than 'slus. They are light weight, and even lighter when you can get by w/o skins. Downside is that I now only propose tours that will piss off my friends. They are also a bit slow on packed dry snow, and loud on ice. On soft snow they ski very fast. I'm psyched to do some steep spring skiing on them, but that is still a few weeks out.

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I spent 15 years skiing in Pennsylvania (a.k.a. downhill ice skating) before moving out here so my background is definitely different. A pair of skis I'd take out only maybe 3-4 times a season seems a little much for me. I spend a fair amount of time teaching at Stevens and am always surprised at the amount of superfat skis I see people using when we haven't seen more than a few inches of new snow, or none at all. Does excessive amounts of rocker or early rise really help them that much on hardpack? Getting that much ski up on edge seems a chore. Guess there's just some sort learning curve?


If you're just lift skiing then I'd say not a big deal. Backcountry - big deal. On my teles going from mid fat (Crossbows) to fat with rocker (Coombacks) made quite a difference - powder, packed, deep cement -whoo, ripping. Long days touring and weight an issue, yes, still evaluating that and may go to the Drift.


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