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Mt. Adams - Oct 15


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I'm still "iffty". I might show up and join in for a bit. Likely, I won't make the top. I can take care of myself and will head down on my own just fine. I've been up the route 6-8 times. I only summitted once in 3 tries.




How will I recognize everybody at the trailhead?


I have only been up adams once but I did not see a hut up there. This photo shows a cabin up somewhere. Is this on adams?

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Huh, didnt see that hut when I was up there, still alot of snow. Pretty cool though.


So it looks like the plan is to meet up @5-530 in trout lake. Theres a diner right where Mt Adams road and 141 split that we can all meet up at or at the ranger station.


My number is 757-705-8912 and my email is munkyfuzz@gmail.com if anyone needs it.

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Mt. Adams Fire Lookout


Construction of a fire lookout on the summit of Mt. Adams began in 1918. It took three summers to haul materials to the summit and construct the building. The lookout was staffed for two seasons before it was abandoned. Arthur Jones, the lookout guard, inscribed the rocks at Pikers Peak. In the 1930s, after the lookout was no longer used for fire detection, the lookout was used as the base of a sulfur mining operation on the summit. Sulfur was mined and hauled down the mountain on pack mules. Eventually, the sulfur market nose-dived and the cost of hauling the sulfur down the mountain because cost prohibitive. The mining operation was abandoned.


Today the lookout is covered by glacial snow and ice. Climbers can see parts of the building at various times. The climber's register is located on top of the lookout building.

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I have plenty of home problems... helping my daughter move... etc...


It's looks this is only going to be a day hike for me... I won't make the top... unless I'm very lucky.


IF I come, I will be there about midnight or early morning tomorrow (Saturday). If things can be pushed back to Saturday-Sunday, I'll climb with whoever is still there.


my e-mail



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We'll be there for sure. We've decided to stay at the campground tonight (friday night), get organized tomorrow morning (saturday morning) and head to the lunch counter around noon tomorrow (or maybe a little sooner) and then summit sunday morning.

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well OUR trip over on Sunrise was a bust. a member of our party did not have usable shelter and the weather was atrocious... so we packed up and descended from 8,000' in sideways rain in the dark. he wanted to go alone, but he was getting blown over as he stood there making the statement- i wasn't sending him off alone in the dark..


be interested to see how everyone else faired

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where's Jim x Jim, and the rowdy Russian team?


my buddy Bobby and his wife got there late on the 14th, headed up to about 8,000' where they caught up with "Jim Squared," and made camp. the wind was hellacious, but they got their tent up and in and made it through the night- about the same time my team was retreating through the upper spur of the SE corner. they got up late the next day, made it to piker's peak, took pics of OUR route, and opted to descend.


that high-pressure ridge WE were supposed to be climbing in came a day late, for us... glad some of you guys had decent climbing on the 15th, though.

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Hello Eric, Ben, Matt, Gary


It appears you successfully made the summit... let me know. I'm SURE you guys got the workout of your life!


Ashish and I got down to Cold Creek campground with no incidents about 2PM. We wanted to stick around and wait for you guys. My guess was that you would not be back until between 5pm to 7pm, which seemed like a long wait. Ashish had a midnight flight back to Houston, so he was running on a tight schedule.


Hope you all home, tired and happy.


I'll write up a little trip report for ya.


Picutre below shows Eric, Matt, Gray, Ben at the 9,900 ft level. (Bottom 4 climbers.)


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