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    Sounds like trading in your wife may speed up your timeline also... hah. j/k
  2. 44 is probably a safe bet, maybe even a 44.5. You don't want your toes hitting at all, and you're feet definitely swell when you're climbing. I know they aren't boots REI normally carries, but as a Scarpa retailer they can always order them for you and then you can return them if they don't fit well.
  3. For what you are looking at I would recommend the Triolet or Mavericks. The Mont Blanc is an amazing boot, but it's pretty stiff for long approach hikes and non-technical climbing. As far as warmth it kind of depends on the person. I have pair of Charmoz that I've climbed Mt. Baker in early June, Adams in late October, and some mid-winter climbs of other north cascades peaks and been fine. My feet run naturally pretty warm though, some peoples feet get cold a lot easier. The Triolet is going to be a little warmer than the Charmoz, so I would think you'd be ok. I haven't seen the Maverick yet so I don't know about that one. Hope this helps!
  4. I was just looking at doing a trip like this since it's so close to my house. I have a wedding in Bellingham on the 11th I have to be at though... If you end up going a different weekend let me know!
  5. Looks like fun Mr. Thighbolt. I climbed it a couple years ago but may be making another trip this August when my brother is home.
  6. Wish I could go! ;-) If only I didn't have school this summer...
  7. There's a good chance that I'd be up for Adams or Hood but I'll have to see what my schedule is like a little closer to June. Either mountain is only a few hours drive from my house so it's easy for me to get there. Keep in touch!
  8. Yeah I'll for sure get a hold of you guys and we'll try to get out sometime soon. Thanks for all the info.
  9. Dannible- I've heard thats a good book, I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the advice. tele turnin- I don't have a climbing partner here yet! My brother is going to be in WA for a few weeks in December, and my dad climbs but he lives in B'ham. I'll PM you.
  10. Hey guys, I just moved to Yakima from Bellingham and was wondering if anyone knew of any good beginner ice climbing spots that are accessible from Yakima during the winter. I have some alpine experience but just starting ice climbing. Anywhere up by snoqualmie pass and leavenworth would be great too. Thanks for the help. -Ben
  11. We'll be there for sure. We've decided to stay at the campground tonight (friday night), get organized tomorrow morning (saturday morning) and head to the lunch counter around noon tomorrow (or maybe a little sooner) and then summit sunday morning.
  12. I'm sure they do. Give them a call and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you out and figure out which ones they have will be best for you.
  13. If you're boots are big enough I'd even double up socks. I'll be wearing a pair of Scarpa Charmoz which are "warm weather" climbing boots, but I've had them in 15 degree weather before and been fine with two pairs of socks. Depends what kind of hiking boots they are too. If they're super light boots they might not be too good but a heavier, slightly insulated hiking boot might be ok. I'm surprised UW has rental crampons but not boots?!?!
  14. Yeah we were talking about camping at the lunch counter but due to scheduling conflicts I think we're camping at cold springs campground and getting an early start up the mountain for a 1 day push. You're more than welcome to join in you want!
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