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[TR] Johannesburg Mtn - NE Buttress 8/21/2011


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Great TR! The glacier & arrete look so exciting. I doubt I'll ever attempt Johannesburg. Is there something else that comes close to that snow experience, but without the sketchy rock & brushy half?


An easy 17 mile trail takes you here: the North Ridge of Whatcom Peak. (this was taken last Wednesday from Whatcom Pass). Since I don't do scary snow, this halted our attempt on Challenger, but if you like that kind of stuff this looks pretty thrilling, at least from far away! Maybe it's not so bad once you're on it. I didn't want to find out.



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Just wanted to pop in and say I loved the TR and pics, brought back memories of an awesome climb too. That mountain and route "had me at hello," it was the first thing I saw in the North Cascades, on a trip to climb Eldorado. The whole notion that it was formerly feared then fell into obscurity was icing on the cake. Juan, maybe you are the first of the "internet age" resurgence of interest in the climb? Even in 2003 when I went there was hardly anything online about it. That sense of mystery is really cool too.


Who will reopen the chossy steep routes above the glacier to the left? :D

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