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BD C4 development


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I'm looking to buy a set of some lightly used BD Camalot C4's (0.5-3)and am trying to figure out how much has changed in the last 5-7 years in terms of their development. Has their been significant development in terms of extended range, weight reduction, reliability, etc. that a version from 5-7 years ago wouldn't have capitalized on? How much should any of these issues determine how much to offer?



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C4 refers to only the most recent version of the 4 lobe camalot. They are easily recognizable from the molded thumb loop compared to the metal stub and u-stem of the earlier generations. I think c4s have been available for around 5 years. The previous generation are slightly heavier and handle slightly worse in my opinion. I'd say that C4s in good USED condition should fetch around 55-65% of retail. Previous generation (metal thumb stub) are probably more like 45-50% of retail. I wouldnt bother with the much older U-stem cams. I also probably wouldnt buy used gear that doesnt appear to be in goof condition.

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I hear ya on expense, but I'm using TCU's to cover below .5 (and eventually to double the .5 and .75) and they are both way lighter and way cheaper than C4's and especially c3's.


The new stem works just about as well as a thumb loop, I was really surprised by that, since it is WIDE.


I'm not touching offwidth so I'm fine with 3.5 and 4 Tech friends which are cheap and light.


Love those doubled slings and 13.75 cam angle.

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