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  1. sold! OR Alpine Bivy; $140 shipped; as-new condition

    Hi Dubxion, is this still available?
  2. Black Diamond Tents - New condition and cheap!!!

    PM sent on Firstlight
  3. FS: BD Sabretooth crampons

    Hey aaron, are these still available?
  4. SOLD

    PM sent
  5. SOLD

    Does anyone know how La Sportivas boots fit relatively standard sizes, true to size or any difference in length/loose/narrow?
  6. Screamer, Ice screw, Guide Books, Leatherman ect

    PM sent on Leatherman Wave
  7. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    I believe it's a medium but can't find any tags to confirm. I'm 6'0" 175 and the pack fits me well.
  8. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    Updated with price drops
  9. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    Crampons and Osprey pack still available.
  10. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    No, only the crampons as shown.
  11. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    They only come with what is shown in the picture.
  12. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    It's pretty solid and while I've never gotten wet wearing it but I can't exactly say how waterproof it is. It's made with Cordura and you'd have to be in a pretty sustained downpour to get wet for what that's worth. Based on it's weight I always used it to wear around town and not on the mountain when weight was an issue. Hope that helps.
  13. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    Great, thanks for the help. Updated the ad.
  14. MOVING SALE - Cloudveil, Mtn Hdwear, Feath Friends

    Yes, the booties are just like the ones in the link. Shoot me an email to aaron.tiff@gmail.com
  15. PRICE DROPS! Moving and need to get rid of lots of gear. I feel asking prices are very fair but I'm just looking to have the gear find a good home so make me an offer. If you buy multiple items I'll take care of shipping costs. PM or email me at aaron.tiff@gmail.com if you're interested. SOLD! $50 - Cloudveil Headwall softshell jacket - men's size Large. Used this for a couple years and has seen very minimal wear around town. A very burly softshell with Gore-windstopper fabric, waist zippered pockets and fleece lining on the interior/collar in amazing condition. Product descrpition here SOLD! $30 - Mountain Hardwear Exposure II Parka - men's size Medium, black/gray (called "Grill" on the link). Seen decent use over the years but still a solid jacket. http://www.e-omc.com/catalog/products/3111/Mountain-Hardwear-Exposure-II-Parka-Mens.html SOLD! $60 - Feathered Friends Down booties - men's size Medium, green/black soles. Brand new, never been used. Retails for $90 from FF http://featheredfriends.com/Picasso/Bed.Acc/Down%20Booties.html $40 >> $35 - Black Diamond Mako Monopoint Crampons. Used but plenty of life left in them. SOLD!$30 - Nicros hangboard. Purchased this a few years ago but haven't been able to mount it so I'm getting rid of it. $50>>$40 - Osprey Statros 40 backpack. This is an older model that isn't produced anymore but is in great shape. Similar to the Osprey 36 model shown here